Busy Days

Yesterday hubby was home so he helped me pick blackberries.  We picked 4 gal.  I canned these and saved enough  back for blackberry dumplings.  According to our local grocery store price for blackberries , we had about $200.00 worth of berries.  We are very blessed.  These berries are very abundant here on the farm.   Lots of them cover the fence line that is right in our yard.  George mows right up to the fence so it is easy picking.  We share these with others as there is much more than we can use.  Also yesterday we finished the work on the chest of drawers and put it in Julie’s room.  Then we did some work on George’s building.  He plans to make this his wood working shop as we both enjoy making things from wood.  He has made almost all of our cabinetry, beds for two older kids, tables, outside swings–the list goes on and on.  It will be much more enjoyable when we don’t have to carry everything outside to work and then back inside when done.  Todays to do list includes making salsa.  For many years I have tried to raise peppers here on the farm with no success.  I think late springs early frost hindered their growth.  Then I read on the internet to surround them with black plastic to hold in the heat.  I tried this and guess what.  Peppers!  Lots of peppers.  I planted green, banana, and hot.  The banana and hot are the most abundant.  Last night we gathered tomatoes and peppers so today the girls and I will be busy chopping and canning.  I also need to make some more fabric softener.  I have been making my own for a couple of times and so far this  has worked well for us.  The recipe for this is: 6 cups of water, 3 cups white vinegar, 2 cups hair conditioner(your choice)  Mix all ingredients together.  Yields approx.  1 gal.  Use 1/4 cup per load.  I also make my own laundry detergent.  I’ll have to post that recipe at another time.  For today there are things that need doing.  The wash is ready to go on the line.  I love hanging my clothes on the line.  When I was a working mom I would pass clothesline full of clothes on my way to work and think “what a luxury to be able to hang clothes on the line” because as you all know working moms barely have time to get them in the dryer much less anything else.  So now I am blessed (thanks to the hard work of my hubby) with the time for this luxury and I take advantage of it every day.  Of course it also saves money as God’s sunshine is free whereas man’s electricity has a price.  There is no comparison to the fresh smell of clothes dried on the line vs. in the dryer.  I love it.   Well to chopping I will go.

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  1. Very good post. we need to get the picture thing squared away so you can show us some of George’s wood projects and your creations.

    When we where up there I enjoyed picking berries for breakfast right in the back yard… It felt good to know that they where right there.

    This weekend when you come down be sure to bring your laptop so we can work on the pictures.

    I also thought you might like to know that you have had 25 people visit your site and they viewed the site a total of 45 times! that is great for a site that has just launched… keep up the good work.


  2. I should really try to get me some berries before they are all gone. And you just reminded me that I want to make salsa. I love living in Floyd but I love it even more because you are here!

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