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This is George’s lastest wood project. It is just a prototype. He doesn’t have the seat in yet but I think it looks very good. Our oldest daughter and ourselves are in need of new chairs so he has been working on getting a pattern that he likes. Not much happening here today. The girls has a dentist appointment in Roanoke and we were gone most of the day. We went to Michaels afterward, picked up a few things. Then went to Lifeway Christian BookStore.We did a little grocery shopping and came home. The temperature here has been a little chilly. Lows about 50 to 52, highs in mid 60’s. Nice weather. Makes me start thinking fall and fall makes me think school. We started Math yesterday. I am trying a different approach this year. I borrowed this idea from my friend. I am going to add one subject a week and by the end of September we will be in full school. This way it won’t be school overload. I’ll let you know how this works for us. As you know what works for one family doesn’t always work for another but I think this will be a good plan for us. I love homeschooling my girls. We have such fun. It’s a lot of work too but then most things worth doing require work. Night has come and I am tired. God Bless.

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  1. This looks like a great prototype.
    The only improvment I can suggest is that the boards right around the seat be thicker… like a 2X2

    Some people have bigger butts 🙂

    I’ll take an order of 8 of them 6 for my table and 2 for extra’s

    Seriously, he is getting good at that stuff.

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