Thanksgiving Fun


We spent the holiday with Dave and Jess.  I managed to catch Daniel as he was running with Grace and took a quick picture.  Ain’t he cute!  One of his favorites things to do is run with Grace.  As soon as we come in, he says “Hey Grace, Run.”  Of course, Grace loves to run so this is much fun for them both.  We had lots of good food and very much enjoyed our time together.  No work this trip just fun.  We went shopping on Friday and Jess got some really good deals.  She loves to shop.  Well today was the big day for the girls.  They played the music for the entire church service, sunday school and all.  They had 3 songs each.  Big Job.  They did great.  Today also was the first day for our new pastor.  All went well.  I think we have chosen according to God’s will.  He seems to have a heart for the Lord.  No bible study tonight.  We don’t have it on holiday weekends.  I think we will just rest and enjoy some  time together.  It is a beautiful day here in Floyd.  Temperatures are in the lower 60’s.  Very little wind.  BEAUTIFUL!  It was a different story yesterday.  We had been gone for several days with no fire in the stove.  We came home the outside temperature was 47 degrees and inside the house the temperature was 45 degrees.  I guess next time we go visit we should turn on the gas logs.  Anyway, it didn’t take long to get a fire going and get it warmed back up in the house.  No need for a fire today though and I’m glad.  I so enjoy these last warm days.  I think I’ll go sit on my green swing and enjoy some outside time.  God Bless.

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