My first out of state order. Okay, so it goes to my cousin in Kansas but it counts anyway.  Well, the big news here is  Jess went yesterday for her ultra sound and IT’S A BOY!!!!  My heart is happy.  It amazes me to think of how good the God I serve is.  To come from being a woman who thought she would have no babies to being blessed with children is just an example of how God loves to surprise His children.  God is good!!  Temperatures here are still cold.  The high today is 24 degrees, wind chill of about 15.  This is the warmest temperatures we have had in about one week.  We have managed to keep the water running in the kitchen, but the bathroom has been frozen for several days.  Oh well, at least we still have water.  We went down to Jessica’s yesterday to watch Daniel while she went for her ultra sound.  It was 32 degrees when we left her house, got back home to 16 degrees with a wind chill of about zero or below.  Have I mentioned I do not like cold weather?  This will make me appreciate spring more when it comes, right.  I am making homemade rolls today and it is time to put them in the oven.  Better go.  God Bless.

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  1. just thought that i’d pop in and say hello. It’s almost 9pm so I may fall asleep typing this… hahaha. Im thinking about hanging the “wall hanging” you gave me upstairs as you are going up that last set of steps. What do you think?

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