Here are just a few shots of our garden. We hope to soon enjoy squash as you can see the bloom on it. This one tomato plant will be an early one. The others are not near as big. Yesterday was a beautiful day here in Floyd. Hubby and I finished getting the garden out. We planted a few more tomatoes and beans and corn.


Later in the evening we got a good rain. I guess God knew our seeds needed a drink. The girls and I are working on cleaning the house today and washing clothes. My house is a little behind as we have been doing up the beef. Our total is 80 quarts of canned beef and 88 bags of hamburger. Pretty good I think. Tomorrow is bible study day. We are studying I Corinthians. Little Samuel will be here in 4 more days. Unless he decides to come before then. We all can hardly wait to see him and hold him. God is good! Also hopefully David will have my computer back in operation soon. I really miss it. It’s sometimes hard for me and Hubby to coordinate on one computer. His free time is usually my free time too. Well, my time is up. The wringer is calling my name. Take care and God bless.

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  1. The garden looks great. Our tomatoes have some blossoms on them. We just need things to warm up. I hope your beef turns out good. I enjoyed our canned beef. I need to do up some more. It is nice to use on the nights things are very busy, but yet you want a good meal.

    Have a great evening with your family.


  2. Your garden ALWAYS looks so nice. I think you are the reason I work so hard in mine 🙂 The beef was a lot of work but fun too. We made tacos Tuesday night using the hamburger. They were really good.

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