This is my first little girl apron. I made this one for my granddaughter, Alexius. I am sure there are many things I did wrong as I am just learning how to read patterns. Most of the time, I did not know what the pattern was telling me to do so I just figured it out my way and did it. I used some old material I had,just in case I messed up. I thought it would be better to practice some with the new machine.

Temperatures are very cold here again. Wind chill this morning was -10 degrees. The wind has been whipping all day, gusts up in the 50 mph range. Our snow is now blown into 2-3 ft drifts. The predictions are, though,for it to warm up by the weekend. I certainly hope so.

I think I will go work on another apron pattern. This time, I think I will try the pattern I am wanting to make to sell. I need to practice on it some and besides I can always enjoy a new apron. Take care and God bless.

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  1. Sometimes patterns are hard for me to read as well. I figure out what works best for me. The apron is very cute.

    Keep warm as you go outside. We are suppose to get more wind and storms tomorrow. Have a great evening with your family.


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