Dried Beans

When I was growing up, dried beans or as some call them leather britches, was a staple in our home. Every year, we spent many hours stringing them up on strings and carrying them to the attic to hang on nails. I can still remember going up to the attic and seeing rows and rows of green beans drying. I SO wish I had a picture of that to share with you all. However, I searched the internet and found this one atwildwoodforestlogcabin.com.

Yesterday, though, I thought I would try something different. We dehydrated them in our dehydrator following the directions in the book. They were finished in about 10 hrs-not weeks. However, I do think we might do it the old way sometime, just so the girls can have that experience. I hope these taste as good as the ones we used to do. Enjoy your day and God bless.



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6 thoughts on “Dried Beans

  1. Stringing those beans on the thread was one of the first “big girl” things I learned to do as a kid with Maw Maw Mitchell and after that I did bushels of them 🙂 Man those were good beans!!

  2. I have never done them this way. Nor heard of this. Do you use them in soups? I would be very interested in learning your dehydrating recipe as well. I would also love to know how you eat them.. Thanks and take care Donna.

  3. Funny that this is the first picture I see in your most recent blogs. We are in the process of drying beans! We have 2 gal. already dried and probably 2 more gal. drying. 🙂

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