Monthly Archives: August 2017

Black Ridge Trail Hike

At the risk of bragging (which I totally am) I think we live in such a beautiful place.

Today we did a picnic with the Horns and then a hike on Black Ridge Trail.  It is about a 3 mile trail and it took us about 2 hours.  

It is so easy to tell from these pictures why they are called the Blue Ridge Mountains. 

The views along this trail are breath taking.  

The trail itself was so nice.  Some strenuous hills, some flat land.

And some really strange things along the way.

Look at this branch.  Doesn’t it look like a snake? 

You know sometimes when walking a trail you just have to stop

And look for deer.  God bless.

Fun Day With Tom and Sally

Yesterday the girls and I spent time with some dear friends of ours, Tom and Sally.   Some of you may remember them from other posts.  He is our previous pastor.   

We picked some beans, ate lunch and then just visited and walked around their farm.  It was a very nice day.  They live in a beautiful place.

Tom and his new toy.

Their apples are looking very good.  Makes me look forward to fall.  Speaking of fall, we have had very fall like weather here for several days.  For two mornings our temperature here was 52 degrees.  It felt wonderful!  Great sleeping weather.

On our walk we had to visit this beauty and her babies.

She’s looking for her treat.

Mrs. Sally’s ducks.

It was a good day.