A Nice Walk


Grace and I took a little walk the other day. This beautiful trail is behind our local library.

It was a very nice day and the trail is starting to show signs of spring.

Grace taking pictures. One of her favorite things to do.

She took this picture of a Meadowlark the other day when her and Jess’s kids were on a little walk. Isn’t he beautiful!

Also her art room is finished.

She loves it! It is such a cheerful room.

Jess had gave Grace little crystal prism balls. They make beautiful rainbows on the walls when the sun shines through them.

God bless.

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One thought on “A Nice Walk

  1. A nice walk indeed, Donna.. Your spring is much ahead of us.. By a good month, I think .. We still have quite a bit of snow.. Grace’s room is so cheery. She must enjoy it.. xoox

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