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A-Frame Trellis

Hello everyone! I thought I would share my project I have been working on for the last couple of days. I want to do more vertical gardening this coming year and I thought I would start with this trellis.

It took me a little bit to figure it out but I think it looks pretty good. It seems to be strong so hopefully it will stand up to our Floyd county winds. It has to be painted as I just used scrap interior wood. I am thinking of painting it barn red.

God bless.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hello everyone! I hope you all have had a great week. Our weather here in Floyd has been amazing. A little cool but not too much. In my opinion, perfect fall temperatures. We have had to have a fire a few days but not every day. I really like that.

Yesterday we enjoyed an awesome Thanksgiving meal. We had one turkey smoked and one turkey deep fried. They were both awesome (thanks, Dave). We also had tons of side dishes. Everything was delicious!

I am so thankful for this little family God has blessed me with!

I also had a surprise yesterday. Dave and Jess gave me an early Christmas gift.

I use headphones all the time when I am watching tv. They got me new ones!! I am so happy!!! Dave is coming this weekend to set them up for me!

These are the ones I am using now😀. Yes that is a sock covering them. Dave has fixed these so many times. I can’t move around with these. I have to sit in one spot in direct line with this

We have had these headphones for at least 12 years (maybe longer) so they have definitely been a good investment. I am glad though to put them to rest and use these new ones. So many new possibilities. Thanks again, Dave and Jess! I love them!

I hope everyone has a good weekend and God bless.

Happy Birthdays!

This past weekend we had a birthday party!! Katie and Grace’s birthdays are just a few days apart. Katie is 9 now and Grace is 21. AMAZING!

They had animal crossing decorations, which is a game they both love to play.

It was a really fun day with lots of good food and family.

God bless!

Saving Seeds

Our neighbor gave us a bunch of jalapeno peppers the other day.One of the things I made from them was hot sauce. I have never made this before so we will see how it tastes. Hopefully it will be good.Of course, I saved the seeds from them.I also saved seeds from these white scallop squash.I then decided to save seeds from the rampicante squash I grew this year.I decided to try making squash soup from the rampicante. I have never made it before. I always like to try new things!So I chunked up the squash and all the other ingredients. Roasted them and put them through the blender.I think it tastes pretty good. It was a time consuming job though.That’s about all for now. I hope you all have a great weekend.God bless.

She Did it!!

Congratulations to my Grace!! It has been difficult with lots of things to overcome but she stuck with it. She didn’t give up. She passed her GED and now is graduated!! Praise God! She drew this picture to mark the occasion.

Dave took this picture of her the other day at the pumpkin carving.

God bless!

Garden and More

Good morning everyone! I hope all is well with you. Things are good here. The garden will soon be finished. I will miss it a lot.

However, I am already thinking of next year’s garden. New seeds to try, different things to do.

Beans are still producing enough to eat.

Aren’t they pretty!

I cut one of the rampicante squash to bake. It was good. Grace doesn’t like winter squash much so most of this went into the freezer. I am putting this on the list to grow next year. We love it as summer squash. I want to try to grow it on the fence. It is a very aggressive grower and definitely needs it’s own space.

Peppers are still producing.

I’ve made pickled peppers

Cowboy candy, both hot and mild.

And a few bags for the freezer.

I have also been putting up more pepper poppers. We love these!

We got these apples and sweet potatoes from a local orchard. These are what they consider seconds so they are sold at a very affordable price.

Dave and I painted the roof. I am very glad to have this job done. I do not like high places.

Our neighbor had wood for us.

We worked several days on it. The wood house is now full and ready for winter!

We also worked several days on Dave’s garage.

It looks SO much better!

The kids were so excited to have the pool table set up.

I will end this post with just a few pictures for pretty.

God bless.

Daniel’s Birthday

Today we celebrated Daniel’s 13th birthday.

It was such a special day.

He had all his favorite things. Dragons, fried chicken and cheesecake.

He got so many nice gifts. He has been wanting a sewing machine so Grace and I got him this little machine to learn on. We practiced a little with it today.

Happy Birthday Daniel! God bless.

Waldorf Play Station (Bates Style)

Hello everyone! I hope you have all had a good weekend. Remember several posts back, I mentioned that Dave had a project we were working on. It is finished. Here’s how went.

2 inch thick sawmill wood. Rough cut.

Lots of cutting and lots of sanding. Sawmill lumber is more challenging to work with than other lumber but so worth it.

Here is one side of it put together.

We hung it up in the garage to put the tung oil on it. You can see some of the beautiful colors starting to come out in the wood.

Here it is put together. I don’t think I mentioned it but the lumber is poplar wood. It is so pretty. I said this was Bates style because it is huge. All the kids can play in it at one time. They love it! I think it took us 7 weekends to finish this but I’m not sure. It was a super fun project to work on and I’m so glad I got to help!

God bless.