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Hello everyone! It has been a beautiful week here in Floyd. I went to our local supermarket the other day and found these beautiful apples.

I purchased about a half bushel of them and made applesauce. The metal dishpan you see here belonged to my mom. It makes me happy to use her things.

I saved the peelings and made apple jelly from them.

Yay! We are working on building back up our jam and jelly section of the pantry as we were almost out.

I am trying out a new seed company. I have been watching a lot of their youtube videos and like them a lot. The brush on the left is a corn silking brush. I used it last night and really liked it. It made silking the corn so much easier.

Just look at the size of these black cherry tomatoes. This pot is at our front door. I have never put tomatoes there before but they seem to be doing good so far.

The squash on the right however is not doing so good. I ended up pulling it up yesterday and throwing it in the field so hopefully it won’t spread to the other plants. I sprayed everything this morning with neem oil. I have never used it before but so many of the gardeners I watch use it all the time. Hopefully it will help.

I thought I’d share this little pretty corner of my front porch. It is such a peaceful place to sit.

Enjoy your day and God bless.

Garden Update

Hello everyone! I hope you have all had a good week so far. We have been busy catching up. It rained all last week with kinda cool temperatures so we were a little behind on garden and yard chores.

Everything is growing good in the garden. This is our cucumber row. Some of them are blooming! We are definitely looking forward to fresh cucumbers. Last year we probably didn’t get ten cucumbers. Hopefully we will harvest lots of them this year.

The tomatoes are in the lower garden.

On each side of the tomatoes are beans and corn. I planted these about two weeks apart in hope’s of spreading out the harvest. Asparagus bed is at the end of the row.

We have certainly enjoyed our cabbage this year. Only two left!

The peppers finally seem to be growing.

Squash are starting to appear!

The first patch of green beans are getting bloom.

We have been enjoying fresh peas for several weeks now.

The radishes have all gone to seed. I think they make beautiful flowers and did you know you can eat the seed pods. They are delicious!

Blueberries haven’t started to ripen yet but hopefully soon.

Raspberries are ripening! These are such a nice treat.

Well I guess that’s all for now. God bless.

What’s Happening

Hello everyone! I hope you have all had a good week. As you can tell by the picture, we are started to harvest from the garden. Such an exciting time for me. I love it when food starts coming in!

We harvested our first cabbage this week. These are small cabbages. I can’t remember the name but they are supposed to be small and they mature in a shorter time. I chose these so that hopefully we can eat the cabbage before the bugs and slugs get to them.

Flowers have been beautiful this year!

Beans and corn are planted in this section. One more section to plant. I am waiting about 2 weeks to plant it so that hopefully the harvest will be spaced out some.

When I am working in the upper garden, the cows come down to the fence to say hello. Actually, they want to see what kind of treats I throw over the fence for them. Cows are such curious creatures.

We have had a beautiful moon the last few nights.

That’s all for now. I hope you all have a good week and God bless.

Garden Update

Hello everyone! I hope you have all had a good week. Things have been a little challenging here but nothing too serious. We had approximately 10 inches of rain in just a few days and it is pouring rain now as I make this post. All that rain caused our pump box to flood which in turned caused our pump to not work. We spent a few days without water but everything is working fine now.

A picture of the garden just a few days ago. Nothing is planted there yet so no harm done.

I took this picture at the top of the upper garden from one of my favorite sitting places. (Actually they are all my favorite sitting places).

I love how pretty this bed is. The purple you see is purple bok choy. Isn’t it pretty!

Everything is starting to come alive!

This is the Josta berry bush Jess and her family got me for my birthday.

One of the grapevines is starting to get some green on it.

I am trying something different this year in this planter. Instead of flowers I planted peppers in it. These are Ancho peppers.

I also put two cherry tomatoes in these pots. I am not putting any pots up in the garden. Way to much work to water them. But these are here on the deck. I can just water them when I water the flowers.

Well that’s about all for now. I hope you all have a good week. God bless.

My Surprise Mother’s Day Visit

Hello everyone! I received the sweetest surprise yesterday for Mother’s day.Jess was coming over to bring back some tools they had used. When she pulled in, all these babies jumped out and said “Surprise, Mawmaw! Happy Mother’s Day !!”This was the first time since all the Corona virus thing started that they had been here to the farm.Dave and Jess brought food and we had a socially distant picnic. We even walked around (once again socially distant) and I got to show them my garden and what is growing so far.It was a WONDERFUL mother’s day gift!! In addition to that, they also got me these solar lights which I love.There are 8 of them altogether. I have them put all around the house.I hope you all have a great day! God bless.

A Little Walk

Grace and I took a little walk yesterday.

The crimson clover is beautiful this year!

I love getting pictures of Grace when she is taking pictures!

Time to cut some hay!

I know it’s just a simple old farmhouse but we love it!

We finished the chicken cage and started working on the inside of the chicken house.

We removed the old roosts. We are changing the inside a little as we want to have the ducks and the chickens in here together at night. Also the cage will be in here while they are little. We want to put wire around the bottom and make sure there are no gaps anywhere where critters can get in.

The baby geese hatched out at the pond. Grace is getting pictures of them. Juicy is helping. He is a very curious cat, always seeing what is going on.

That’s all for now. God bless.


Good morning everyone! Just a little update on my seedlings. They are doing very well so far. I started hardening them off today. They will (hopefully) get planted about the third week of May. Usually by then all danger of frost is gone but we’ll see.Another project I’ve been working on. Grace and I want to get baby chicks and baby ducks this spring. As you know, we have had trouble before with critters, especially weasels. This was an old rabbit cage George had built for Julie. As you can tell, it hasn’t been used in years.I thought we some modifications it would work great for the babies.I took it all apart, removed the old wire, cut it down so it would fit through the chicken house door and put new wire on it.It is almost finished. I have three more sides to put the new wire on. I am really pleased with how it has turned out. Baby chicks and ducks coming last of May or first of June!I hope you all have a good weekend God bless.

A Little Walk

Grace and I took a little walk the other day. Things are starting to get green here.

I love it! Grace took one of her furbys out with us and got so many cute pictures with it!

I feel we are extremely blessed to live where we do.

It is such a beautiful place!

Enjoy your day and God bless.

Garden Update

Hello everyone! I thought I would share a little update on the garden. The radishes, beets and turnips are looking great. It always amazes me how fast radishes grow!Broccoli and cabbage are doing good.Green onions! These are also fast growers.Blueberry bushes! Yum!These flowers came up from last year! It looks like they will soon have some blooms on them. I love it!I also spent some time potting up my seedlings this week. If all goes well, we will have about 140 tomato plants and about 40 pepper plants.We did a little tilling this week and planted a few potatoes.We had a terrible storm here on Thursday. Lots of hail and some scary wind. Our power was off for a few hours, so Grace worked on this drawing.I think it is so pretty!That’s all for now. God bless.

Garden News

Good morning everyone! I hope you all have had a great week. One of our goals for this week was to start on this mountain of mulch. It is a LOT of work but it makes the garden look so much better and means less mowing and less weed eating during the summer. So definitely worth all the work.

We have about one third of it done. I love how how neat and clean it looks. We get the mulch from our local sawmill.

In other garden news, I planted radishes, turnips, beets and carrots in this tractor rim. They are coming up nicely.

Planted greens in this bed. Some are old favorites and some are new varieties to try.

The tomato seeds are up and doing good.

These peppers popped up yesterday.

I’ve been enjoying hanging clothes on the line.

Also making fresh lemon balm tea!

God bless.