My Week

Hello everyone! God has certainly given us a beautiful moon this week!

Weather here has been nice all week. Temperatures in the low 50’s. Really good for working outside.

I got quite a lot done in the garden. I redid this block raised bed.

Put these tractor rims in. These were given to me. They will make great raised beds.

Dug these tires out from the fenceline and put them down along the path. I plan to put flowers in them.

Then it occurred to me how much dirt it would take to fill them up so I cut wood pieces to make a barrier so I don’t have to fill up the inside of the tire.

Next I took down my old compost bin. It was coming apart and I want to make something different for compost anyway. It was made of these old pallets. When I took it apart, I thought I could do something with them. So I cut a board to fit the ends of the pallets so the dirt wouldn’t fall out and I am going to use them for spring plants. I know they won’t last too long but I hope to get a few years out of them.

I should say that all of this will have weed fabric under it. Hopefully that will make for less work this summer.

Then I decided to stain the benches I had put up there.

They look SO much better. Hubby made me all these and it brings me much joy to sit in them. I am looking SO forward to the garden this year.

God bless.

First Hike 2019

Last Sunday Grace and I went with the Horns on our first hike of the year. It was a nice day for hiking.

It was our first time on this trail but hopefully not our last.

It was very pretty with moss covering many things.

The trail led down to the river.

We saw this beautiful holly along the way. It was so pretty and green.

It was a much needed time with good friends.

I took this picture a few days ago. I love how God gives us these special glimpses of His creation.

God bless.


Grace and I have been busy getting the garden ready.

Look how good the fence line looks now without all the briars and weeds.

Tomato seeds are starting to come up. For the first time, I am using heat mats and a grow light. I think it has made a difference.

Yesterday our neighbor Richard came and tilled both our gardens for us.

They look so good!

I am working on a new plan for the garden. I want it to be functional and pretty.

So while Richard was tilling I cut down the grapevine that was here. It hasn’t produced edible grapes in years so it was time for it to go. The trellis was in bad need of repair so I took it down too. Dave and I hope to build a new one soon.

I took the bench that was under it and moved it to the upper left corner of the garden. I plan to put landscape fabric down and then mulch. This will hopefully keep the weeds and the grass from taking over.

That’s all for now. I hope you you all have a good day and God bless.

Garden Fun

Look at how much fun Dave is having!

Last week, Dave and I spent the morning at his house making Jess a book shelf. Then we came back to the farm and did some more work in the garden.

It took us a long time at this corner. It was full of briars.

Most of this pile came from that corner.

Getting all this burned off has given me a lot more space to grow in. I have to get it all cleaned up now however

That will have to wait a day or two. It has been really cold here this week. We had snow yesterday and it is SO foggy today. The upcoming week though is looking pretty good.

I got my other greenhouse in this week and it is put together and ready for seeds. I hope to start some peppers, tomatoes and eggplant tomorrow or Monday. I am very excited to try using the heat mats and the grow light I got. I have never used either one with seed starting. Maybe this will give me more success than in the past.

John Luke had his braces appointment this week. He had outgrown his old ones and had to be measured for new ones. As always, he was a champ!

Enjoy your day and God bless.


Good morning everyone! We have had some beautiful sunrises this week. The weather has been fairly nice. Warm enough and dry enough that I have been able to do some outside work.

Our old raised beds are coming apart. I decided since they needed to be deeper anyway I would combine some of them. I moved the dirt out of one and added it to another. I also added another row of timbers to make it deeper.

It looks lots better. I need a little more dirt to get it the depth I want it to be. I want to do some amending to the soil as soon as our local greenhouse opens.

Another thing I did this week was make this little box. I plan on using it to grow radishes and of course other things but radishes will be planted in it hopefully next week.

The seed template Dave and I made fits perfectly in it. I got the idea for this from Hollis and Nancy’s homestead channel on YouTube.

I have been receiving things this week that I ordered for my seed starting. Seeds of course,

heat mats and solar lights. I have never used heat mats before but from all I can read they really help with germination. The solar lights are for decoration. I plan on putting them in the garden somewhere just “for pretty”.

Also another new thing. I am hoping to use weed cover in the garden this year. Less work hopefully. I got these staples to hold the fabric down. We have high wind here so I hope this will work.

This week, Chef Daniel made us another delicious meal using his Raddish kit.

Thanks Daniel!

This is Sam and his robotic arm that he made with his Tinker crate. He did such a good job!

It’s been a HARD week as this makes a year since my sweet girl went to heaven. Your passing, for us, has been a loss that words cannot express but, for you, I know it has been a gain beyond anything we can ever imagine. So I try to not live in our loss but to focus on your gain. We love you!

God bless.

Spring Is Coming

Hello everyone! Look at what Grace and I saw the other day on our way home. Our first wildflower bloom. This is periwinkle.

We also saw this little colts foot.

Also the red winged blackbirds have returned. Look at all of them. They are our first spring birds. They come every spring to our feeder and spend the day.

Dave and I worked some with our propane torch. I love it. I think it will be very useful here on the farm.

I got a few more seeds in the mail.

I have been on a waiting list for this pepper seed from Baker Creek Seed. It was out of stock for a long time. It finally became available. I can’t wait to see how it tastes.

Not so good news though concerning the big greenhouse. We had some high wind the other night and it moved the greenhouse quite a bit.

I really thought we had it anchored down so this wouldn’t happen.

Well, a little more planning and hopefully it will be ok. The cover is also ripped . My friend Vicki is giving me a new cover for it that she has.

These two trays however are looking good in the little greenhouse on the porch. I really want to learn seed starting. Seems like I never have much success with it but I really enjoy trying and every year I learn more. There is such a variety of seeds out there.

I have geraniums blooming. I think they are so pretty. God is good to give us flowers blooming in February.

Speaking of God being good, look at this beautiful sky. If you look closely, you can see a bird flying. So awesome!

Enjoy your day and God bless.

Good Morning

Yesterday was a BEAUTIFUL day here in Floyd. We spent the day outside working and we actually worked in short sleeves.

One of the first things I worked on was clearing off the asparagus bed.

It still needs more work but a lot of it is done. I forgot to get a before picture but I’m sure you can imagine how it looked. I am thinking of getting one of those propane torches that I can use for weeds. I think it would be helpful. Hopefully easier than weed eating.

Our friend Richard came with his wood splitter and the remainder of the day was spent working on the wood. The big catawba tree is finished and about half of the willow is done. YAY!

Today is John Luke’s speech therapy so Jess and I will be traveling to Roanoke for that. I think we are planning on picking up a few things at Sam’s club while we are there. Grace and the other kids will be here at the farm.

That’s all for now. I hope you have a nice day and God bless.


Dave and I spent the day outside working on projects. It was a warm sunny day. Beautiful. We put up the bigger greenhouse. It started out looking like this.

Then we leveled the area.

There is landscape timber under the weed cloth but I missed getting a picture of it.

Then we started putting the greenhouse together. We attached the greenhouse to the timbers. A necessary step so that hopefully the wind won’t blow the greenhouse away. I put this greenhouse up a few years ago and the wind blew it over. I definitely don’t want that to happen again.

Frame is all put together. Just look at that blue sky above the house. Absolutely beautiful!

Ta-da! I LOVE IT! It makes me so happy to just look at it.

The next thing we worked on was making this seed template. I got the idea from a YouTube channel I watch called Hollis and Nancy’s homestead. He has so many good ideas.

While Dave and I were doing these projects, Grace and the kids were working in the garden. They have worked so hard on getting them ready. Today they finished them up. Both gardens are ready for tilling now. Thanks everyone for your hard work.

Enjoy your day and God bless.


We have quite a few eagles around the farm but yesterday was a special treat.

We had three eagles at our pond. Amazing!

Grace had stepped out to clean out her duck house. We are expected to get extremely cold over the next few days so she wanted to give them fresh straw. She looked over at the pond and there they were. She grabbed her camera and got some amazing pictures. It was SO exciting!

Over the weekend I decided to plant a few seeds. I planted several lettuce blends, kale, spinach and radishes. I plan on using these to make fresh salads. Hopefully (weather permitting) we will set up our larger greenhouse this weekend. Dave is coming to help us.

Dave gave Grace these bronze ducks. She loves ducks. These ducks were his Grandpa’s. She has them on a table in her art room.

That’s about all for now. I hope you have a good day and God bless.