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Grace and Sam


Grace and Sam are pretty big buddies.  She is usually his watcher and Julie has Daniel.  As you can see, Sam must be barricaded away from the construction zone.  He is just a little bit too much help. 


He looks a little sad, don’t he? 


The electrical is all done and the ceiling is hung.  Monday we will hang the walls and start putting the mud on (hopefully).  After that, the new floor goes down.   Hubby will be building her a pantry to go beside her new stove.  


The boys were very happy when they were allowed inside the construction zone to help.  They worked very hard pulling up the old tile.  Daniel would pull it up with his special tool and Sam would carry it to the trash.  Very good helpers.

Temperatures here are very cold.  Wind gusts of about 40 mph with an actual temperature of 13 degrees, putting the wind chill below zero.  Our wood stove has been working hard keeping us nice and warm inside though.  I hope you all have a great weekend and stay warm.  God bless.



We had a beautiful moon last night.  Grace and I attempted to get a picture that would do it justice.  Obviously, there is something special one must do to get a good night picture.  We tried lots of different settings on our camera.  This is the best one we could get.  This in no way shows how amazing it actually was.

Temperatures are warm here again today-lower 50’s.  We have lots of wind though.  I am going to try to hang clothes outside.  I know they will dry (if I can keep them on the line.)  We are doing bible study today at one of the other ladies house.  My house is still in construction zone.  Everything is scattered all over the house.  Today, he hopes to finish the trim in the bathroom and cut a load of wood. 

Enjoy your day and God bless.