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Hello ladies!!  I know it has been a while since I made a post but I have been having technical difficulties with my blog.  My thanks to Dave for getting me back up and running.    I’m still having trouble with my pictures  so no picture today.(Picture Added – Dave)  Well, we have been busy here this week.   Monday, I helped Hubby at the farmhouse.  He started on the plumbing this week.   Under the bathroom, the crawl space is about 18 inches.  As you can imagine, not my favorite place to work but someone has to do it.  Then on Tuesday, the girls and I went down to Jessica’s.  They all have been sick, even little Miss Katie.  Hopefully, though, they are finally on the mend.  Wednesday, I helped Hubby again.  Difficulties with the plumbing caused us to decide to finish it up Monday. (Didn’t hurt my feelings any).  I’m sorry, I guess I am complaining a little but of all the jobs I help him with, plumbing is my least favorite.  Thursday and Friday, the girls and I stayed home and worked on things here.

Well, that’s about all for our week.  I hope you all have a great day and God bless.



This is our kitty.  You know, the one Mom said would never be in the house.  Rule #1 Never say Never.   The girls begged for an inside cat and finally we gave in.  So now this furball is part of our life.  She does occasionally have her good moments.   However the girls love her dearly so I guess she stays.  Thanks Grace for the picture.   Today has been cool and overcast.  Fog is, thankfully, gone.  Hubby had a great time shooting yesterday.  He hopes to go again soon.  We have been without a pastor for several months.  Today we heard a trial sermon from a prospective pastor, with a fellowship meal following the sermon.  (Gotta have our food).   He will preach again next Sunday.  Then the church will vote.  I’m not sure my feelings on this yet.  I’m still praying.  Tonight we will hear Mike Wingfield preach at a neighboring church.  I’m sure it will be interesting.  Gotta Go.  God Bless.