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Daniel and Sam


Daniel is doing some serious thinking about something, probably something he can get into.


Baby Sam is definitely growing.  I have other pictures but for some reason I could not get them to load correctly.  Hopefully, I will be able to post them tomorrow.  Today is sunny here but kinda chilly.   Temperature is 30 degrees.  It was 18 degrees this morning when Hubby went to work.  I am going to hang clothes outside in just a few minutes.  I’ll need a coat and gloves though.  I can’t stand for my fingers to get cold.  I know I’m becoming wimpy in my old age. 

We are planning to go to our friends, the Horns, after lunch.  It has been too long since we got to spend time together.  Supper tonight is cooked beef chunks with potatoes, pinto beans and corn bread.  I already have the beef in the crockpot.  Before we leave to go to the Horns, I will add the potatoes.    I also have the pintos cooking in another crockpot.  Hopefully all will be done when we get home except baking the corn bread. 

Enjoy your day and God bless.

Will I or Will I Not?


I know many of you are thinking “what is this picture of”.  Did she make a mistake?  No, this is the view from my front porch this morning as I comtemplated my walk.  It was raining, the wind was blowing, everything was muddy and as you can see, it was foggy.  Today was the first test of my determination to walk every day.  It would have been so easy to just say YUCK!  I’m not going today.  I’ll do something else (which I knew I would not).  I did finally put on my raincoat, gloves, hiking boots-which of course was another excuse not to go because I do not like to wear all this.  I then stepped out in the yuck and began my walk.  Guess what?  It was exhilarating!!!!!!!!  I really did enjoy it.  Yes, I did get wet, my pants and my face and that was not too pleasant but it wasn’t too bad either.  I really want to walk as long as weather will permit so I know I just have to stick to it.   Pray that I will continue to be strong.

Enjoy your day and God bless.