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Yesterday we went to Tweetsie Railroad with Dave, Jess, and the kids.  We had a great time. 


Cany you tell by Sam’s face? 


It’s hard to get this boy to be still long enough for a picture.


The highlight of the day was meeting this guy.  For those of you who don’t know him, this is Thomas the Train.  We all rode Thomas.  Every time during the day that we would hear his whistle blow, Sam would say “You hear that train, MawMaw?”  This was his birthday gift from his mom and dad.  His birthday was June 7th.  He is now 2 yrs old.  Amazing. 


I think this picture says LOVE.  When a man the size of David squeezes himself into a car the size of this one just so your little boy can drive, that has to say love. 


I think they are conspiring a plan!


My cowgirl! 


Can you tell we are tired?  Well, everyone except …..


Miss Katie.  Enjoy your day and God bless.



Closest Neighbor


This is a picture of the closest neighbor that we can see from our house.  The picture is zoomed in pretty close.  It actually is farther away than it appears.  I also wanted to show you the corn that is raised here on the farm.  Lots and lots of corn.  They cut it up for feed.   We can’t see the road from our house because of all the corn. It will soon be corn cutting time.  I hope to get pictures of that to post.  Today was spent on the road running errands.  Piano practice in the afternoon.  The highlight of the day was a stop at Lifeway Christian Store.  They have so many good books and studies there.  I could spend hours looking at them.  We do a Ladies Bible Study at my house and we are starting I & II Peter this week.  I think it will be an interesting study.  I always get excited when we start a new study or we get new school books.  The girls don’t always share my excitement.  George is working on another chair, so I think I’ll go help him.  God Bless.