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Look at our new toy!  Grace and I put it together this evening.  The thing is  I’m not sure how to use it.   Do we leave it inside when we start the seeds or do we put it outside?  I am totally unfamilar with one of these.  I tried to find out how to use it on the internet but could’nt find exactly what I was looking for.  Have any of you used one?  If so, could you share your knowledge.  Grace is really excited about starting seeds so I would really like to make it work.  I have tried starting seeds for many years but never have success.  They grow up tall and “spindly” and then die.  Last year we tried starting them like this:  http://merryheartcrafts.com/2011/04/20/our-greenhouse/  They looked really good until we transplanted them and they just died.  So sad!  All that work and then nothing.  I REALLY want Grace to be more successful than I have been over the years, so as I said earlier, any advice would be appreciated. 

Enjoy your day and God bless.