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Birthday Cake


Yesterday was David’s mom’s birthday.  Jess is learning how to make and decorate cakes.  She did this one for David’s mom.  We think she did a very good job.  It looked and tasted delicious.  I did manage to get this picture of Katie while we were there.


Hard to believe but next month she’ll be a year old.  Time marches on.  We are chilly here this morning-30 degrees with wind.  I built a fire as soon as we got up.  It was 59 degrees in the house.  I now have a big kettle of homemade soup on the woodstove simmering for supper tonight.  The girls and I are going to do school and then heading outside to work.  We need to dig potatoes, clean off the garden and clean out the chicken houses.  I’m not sure all that will get done today  but we hope to at least get some of it done.  The sun is shining beautifully so I think it will be a good day to be outside.

Time for school.  Enjoy your day and God bless.

“Brash” Pile


This is one of our brush piles to be burned or as some of the old time Grundy people would say “brash”.  I am assuming this would be some of our celtic roots coming through.  I have no idea really.  I do know the older people had a different word for lots of things.  Help was hope, cover was kiver, boiled was biled.  These are a few that come to mind right off the top of my head.   Anyway we have this one piled in the first garden to be burned as soon as we can catch a day with not too much wind. 

We are supposed to get much warmer today-upper 50’s I think.  We will hopefully be doing more outside work after school.  The sun is shining beautifully but it is still chilly right now-30 degrees.  I have clothes that are ready to go to the line.  I love it when we can dry them outside.  The birds are telling me to hear out so I can hear them sing.  God is so good!

Enjoy your day and God bless.