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We are getting snow today.  I am hoping it doesn’t accumulate too much.  Dave, Jess and boys are supposed to come up today for a day visit.  If they get to come, Daniel will have his first sledding experience.  He will have so much fun playing in the snow. 


The girls are outside now playing in the snow.  It is a very pretty snow that hopefully is not sticking to the road.  Can you tell this MawMaw wants to see her boy play in the snow! 

Enjoy your day and God bless.



We’re getting snow!  The girls and I went to Roanoke today to do some shopping at Sam’s.  We knew the forecast was for snow so we didn’t take too long.  It started to snow just as we were leaving.   We decided not to take the parkway because we know how dangerous it can get.  We enjoyed a nice ride home.  The snow was beautiful.  However, by the time we got home the roads were started to get a little slick.  I’m glad we left when we did.


Beautiful!  I feel the urge to make cookies and drink some hot cocoa.  Enjoy your day and God bless.