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Around the House


Today, I thought I would show you all a few pictures from around the house.  These are the cosmos flowers we planted at the lower garden.  I am amazed at how tall they have grown!


These are marigolds.  Vicki gave me the seed.  Ain’t they pretty!  I love the different colors in them.  I have already been collected seeds from both flowers to plant next year.


I wanted you all to see these carrots we pulled the other day from one of the raised beds.  I have never had success raising carrots before but I think maybe the raised beds helped.


Here’s a picture of the lower garden.  See how tall the cosmos flowers are.  Underneath them are tons of marigolds.  I definitely know not to plant them together next year.


This is the upper garden and the raised beds.  I really didn’t know if I would like using raised beds or not, but I think they are pretty good for certain types of veggies.


Last week we re-purposed this gate.  It was a gate we used at another house probably 12 years ago.  We took it apart as some of the boards were no good.  We built another frame and used the gate boards to make another gate for the chicken lot.  Remember how we used the old crib springs for the gate.


Well, we have never really  been happy with this gate.  For one thing, it is not wide enough for the wheel barrow to fit through and for another thing it keeps falling out of the hook that is supposed to hold it up.  So we built another one.  Much better and way more convenient.  The new gate is really close to the feed building.  You see all the corn shucks piled up.  We cut those out of the garden yesterday and plan on giving them a little at a time to the chickies for a treat.

We are canning pintos today.  We canned 12 qts yesterday and will be finishing up a 10 lb bag today.  I smell them cooking so I better check on them.  I hope you all have a wonderful day and God bless.




About 3 weeks ago, I posted the first  picture showing the amount of snow we had gotten.  The second picture was taken this morning.   Not a lot of change, but I know spring is coming.  Our birds are starting to make the nesting calls.  Surely they know things we don’t.  Hopefully we will get to do bible study tomorrow.  Hubby did get the van out this morning.  It took him 5 trys but he did it.  The truck wheel is still locked up so it is not going anywhere.  I will wait until this evening when he returns to find out how bad our road is, hopefully not too bad, so the ladies will be able to come.  We are supposed to start Esther by Beth Moore.  I am very excited about this study.  I love Beth Moore studies.  School today as usual.   The girls and I are watching the entire series of Anne of Green Gables videos.  There have been really good so far.  Well, I guess it is time for school.  Enjoy your day and God bless.