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An Old Lamp


As you all know, I love old things.  My mother-in-law gave me this old lamp while we were down helping her move.  It needed a new shade and a little cleaning.  Grace cleaned it for me and we are on the lookout for a shade that will do it honor.   I have it on top of my treadle sewing machine for now. 

We are getting some much needed rain here today.  I understand we are about 4 in. below normal on our water level.  It seems very cozy, the rain on the tin roof, a warm fire.   I think I need to light some candles to make it even cozier.

We are working on school today.  Also cleaning house.  The ladies will be coming tomorrow for bible study.  Tomorrow will be our last lesson in this study, “Women who believed God”.  It has been a good study.  Tonight’s menu is sloppy joes, french fries, green beans and a peach pie with homemade whipped creme for dessert.  YUM!

I hope you all have wonderful day and God bless.

P.S.  In answer to the question about what sassafras tea tastes like, it resembles a root beer or birch beer taste.  You can drink it hot or cold.  We prefer hot but it is good cold.

Am I Cute?


This is one of our new kitties.  You may remember there are 3 of them.  The other two were being shy.   This one the girls call Fuzzy Wuzzy.  I wonder why.  He is so chubby and fuzzy he waddles when he walks.  Very cute.

Today has been a beautiful day here in Floyd.  All week has been really, really nice.  The mornings have been pretty chilly-mid 20’s.  The days however have warmed up nicely with lots of sunshine-low 60’s.  Amazing!  We have hung our clothes outside on the line all week.  How good is that!  Almost mid November and this warm.  I like it.

Today was ladies bible study day.  We finished our study on Ruth.  Our next study will be on Women Who Believed God.  It looks like it will be a very good study.  I always love starting a new study.  I think it is so exciting.  I can hardly wait to see what the Lord will reveal to us.

Lots to do so take care and God bless.