Hello everyone! We have baby chicks! It has been a while since we had chickens here at the farm. We had weasel problems but hopefully we have everything predator proof now.

We went last Saturday to Martinsville Rural King and got them. It was our first girls day out since we got our vaccine.

We chose Saturday because it was June 5th. Our sweet Julie’s birthday. She would have been twenty three. She would have loved to get baby chicks on her birthday!

God bless!

Garden Update

Hello everyone! I wanted to share a few of my garden pictures. In the above picture-cabbage, broccoli, peas and bok choy. Also volunteer asparagus!

Zucchini and tomatoes!

Lettuce, onions and more peas!

Growing potatoes for the first time in these grow bags. So far I really like how they are growing.

Kale, spinach and extra zucchini plant

Cucumbers at the A frame trellis. I really like how this looks.

Another big thing we have new this year is the weed fabric. Dave and the kids came over earlier in the month and we got it put down.

I may change my mind as the summer goes on and the garden grows but right now I love it!

I have pole beans planted on the trellis between the tomatoes. I am planting many different varieties of pole beans to help us decide which one we like the best.

This trellis is all tomatoes. All together we have about 45 tomato plants!!

A small little pepper bloom. I am trying new varieties of peppers this year, Gypsy, Beaver Dam, Ajvarski, and Poblanos.

A beautiful bloom on a Jet Star tomato. This variety did really well for us last year.

I guess that’s all for now. I have much more to show but I don’t want to make this post too long. Many changes to the garden this year and I am loving it!❤

God bless!

Dandelion Jelly

Spring is officially here!

One of the first things we like to do in spring is make dandelion jelly. The kids came over yesterday and we started picking those beautiful yellow blooms.

We had a great time!

Getting off all the green part of the flower is not the fun part of making the jelly. But Grace and the kids made it fun by playing a word guessing game while we worked.

I love my little family so much!

God bless!


Hello everyone! I hope you have all been enjoying this wonderful time of the year. Over the weekend, Dave, the kids and I put up a beautiful pergola at their house.

It was a kit they purchased from Sam’s Club. They purchased two of them but only received one. Shipping is so crazy right now. Hopefully the other one will be delivered soon.

It was a full day project but not too hard. All the holes were predrilled and the wood was lightweight.

It took a long time to screw in all the little strips for the roof.

But we got them done. I think these two pictures show a comical difference in our height.

Finished with pergola number one. They will both be covered with metal roofing. Jess cannot be in the sun at all. So this area will be her outdoor sanctuary. I am so happy I got to help with it.

God bless!

Spring Flowers

Good morning everyone! I hope you have all had a good week.

Things are really starting to pop here!

Mint is looking good. We will soon be enjoying fresh mint tea!

Mullein is one of our favorite spring teas!

Blood root is blooming! They always look so happy!

The bees are busy working!

I am so thankful that our God loves color!

God bless!

Getting Ready

It’s getting that time of year!!!

I love the smell of fresh tilled earth!

We have a neighbor who comes every year and does the first tilling of other gardens for us. After that Grace and I do it.

I also had some other helpers!

Grace and I wanted to pull the cattle panels up and rearrange them this year. The kids were great help!

Sometimes though we need a little extra help!

We are hoping to get baby chicks and baby ducks in a few weeks. We took this old rabbit hutch and modified it. We plan on putting the babies in here for a while. We are very excited! It has been a long time since we had baby chicks and ducks!

Enjoy your day and God bless.


Hello everyone! I hope you have all been enjoying some spring weather.

When weather permits, I’ve been busy getting things ready in the garden.

Dave came and helped last weekend. We got a lot of things accomplish.

Some things are growing good in my little greenhouse. Other things not so good. I have had a hard time getting my tomato seeds to germinate. I think I will have enough seedlings for us but I’m not sure I will have enough to share. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Grace and I found an awesome treasure at our dumpster. I have mentioned before how people will set things out at the dumpster if they think someone can use them. Well we found this huge piece of fencing with 4 t posts. YAY! It was pretty funny though seeing us try to get load it in the car!

But you know, where there is a will-there is a way! Dave and I loaded these 2 cattle panels on top of their van. There will be used to extend John Luke’s play area. We always enjoy a challenge!

And just for pretty, God has been giving us some beautiful sunrises!

God bless!


This boy got to come (for the first time) to Mawmaw ‘s house by himself. Just him!! Grace and I try to have each kid over individually often so they can have some one on one time.

Because of John Luke ‘s challenges, he had never got to come just him. Praise God, he has overcome so many of these challenges in the past year!

So finally, the much awaited day has come!! The first thing he told me before we even got out of the car was “hungry” and rubbed his belly. So you know we had to have some cookies before we did anything else.

We walked all around the house looking at everything. We visited the garden, the rabbits and the duck. We had a great time!❤

Sweet blessings!