Good Morning

Hello everyone! I hope you have all been having a good week. We were blessed with a beautiful sunrise the other morning.

We have been very busy here. Dave and Jess’s renters moved out of their Madison house. They left the house in need of a lot of attention.

Very sad.

This is the inside steps going up to the bedrooms. We steam cleaned them Tuesday. They look much better now and are ready to be painted.

Everything in the house has to be steam cleaned and painted.

The floors have had to be scraped with a razor scraper.

Can you tell they smoked in the house?

We worked all day last Saturday and Sunday then all day on Tuesday. We have gotten a lot done. Dave’s sister is coming up in the evenings and working on the painting. It is already looking a lot better. Hopefully it will soon be ready to rent again.

On Monday, we worked on cutting the willow trees and getting them out of the duck lot. A neighbor came and cut them for us while Grace and I moved them.

We have two piles that will need to be split. I think we can split these with our little splitter. The bigger ones we just rolled over to the side. They were too heavy for us to move.

We also have two piles of limbs to burn.

The duck lot looks so different with the trees gone. I hated to see them go. I got the original start from George’s mom when we moved up here. It was a full day’s work but the ducks are very happy to have their lot back. We are so thankful to live in a community where neighbors take the time to help each other.

We had some snow yesterday. Very exciting. Nothing really laid on but it was beautiful to watch. We are supposed to get our first big snow over the weekend. We’ll see how it goes.

Some of Grace’s latest art work. This one she did by hand. I love all the colors.

This one she did on her computer. It’s CHRISTMAS! I think she has so much talent.

And a picture to show how much the cats are growing.

I guess that’s about all. Grace and I are hoping to put up some decorations today and maybe even the tree. We’ll see. Whatever we don’t get finished with today hopefully we can finish over the weekend. If it snows like they are predicting, we won’t be working at the Madison house.

God bless.

Ice Storm

Quite a lot has been happening here since my last post. I suppose the biggest news would be the ice storm.

The weight of the ice broke the tops out of the two willow trees. These trees are located in Grace’s duck lot so the ducks are back to be confined to their smaller lot until we can get these cut down and removed.

The ice storm brought power outages all over our county. We were without power for 4 1/2 days. We managed to keep the stuff in our big freezers from thawing by packing them in ice but we lost everything in the house freezers. Needless to say, a generator is already on it’s way to our house. We are so thankful for this wood stove. It kept our house nice and warm and allowed us to cook our meals.

Grace worked on this picture while we were without power.

I think she did a great job.

So when the willows broke, one of the limbs was hanging down in front of our satellite receiver for our TV so therefore no TV reception. Our neighbors came over and cut down the limb so we could watch TV. So thankful for good neighbors.

Also this huge catawba tree has been needing to be cut for several years. As you can tell by the picture it was rotten all the way down. Marvin came and cut it down for us right before the ice storm. So glad it was already down. It was very close to the house and I was concerned that it might fall on the house. We are glad to have it down and looking forward to all the wood we will get from it.

We also enjoyed a delicious Thanksgiving meal. Yum!

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving as well.

So Julie and Grace always had this thing they did with their hands and they called him Sparky. A few days before Thanksgiving, Grace hollers at me to come look at something. I look up and directly over our house this is what we see..

A perfect Sparky in the clouds!! What an amazing God we serve.

God bless.

Grace’s Birthday

Happy birthday, Grace! Madison made Grace this cute birthday cake. She does such a great job.The Horns brought all these cute decorations. It was so much fun.A great bunch of kids.Vicki and QuentinQuentin’s mom and dad. We also had cake on Monday at Jess’s but I somehow did not remember to get pictures.This is the crochet project I am working on right now. I am doing a crochet along with Jennifer at Fiber Flux. I really like watching her channel on YouTube. She explains how to do things really well. This is a new stitch for me. I really like it and all the pretty colors.Jess made this pretty pencil holder for Grace for her birthday. Isn’t it pretty? The yarn and the button came from Canada. Jess participated in a yarn exchange a little while back. This is one of the yarns she got. The yarn is hand dyed and the button is handmade. Very nice.One more picture. Fall is so beautiful. God bless.

Katie’s Birthday

Happy birthday to our sweet little Katie! 7 years . Wow!

Yesterday was party day. So much fun.

She has been wanting a Nintendo ds like her brothers have. She was literally jumping up and down when she opened it.

Grace drew her a birthday picture on the chalkboard.

It was a really fun day. We love you, Katie.

NRCC Comic Con

Yesterday we all went to the comic con at New River Community College. It was a good family outing. The admission was free and it was a lot of fun.

What a crew we make!

Quite a few vendors were there.

I am ending this post with this beautiful picture I took the other morning. The big glow is the sun coming up and the smaller one is what we call a rainbow cloud. It was so pretty.

God bless.

Carolina Renaissance Fair

This post will be almost all pictures.

Yesterday we all went to the Carolina Renaissance Fair.

It was so much fun!

Everyone held a goose.

The fairy was Grace’s favorite. She would blow the bubbles and “magically” a marble would appear in a bubble.

So much fun!

The highlight of Katie’s day.

Grace and her turkey leg.

John Luke enjoying his corn on the cob.

Jousting competition.

And Grace’s prize to herself. He glows in the dark!

It was such a fun day. I am so glad we all got to go. God bless.

First Fire

Hello everyone. We built our first fire in the house. I always put it off as long as I can but we definitely needed one yesterday. Oh well, it is the middle of October.

We recently experienced some flooding in our area. This is not my house but a picture I took the other day as we were on our way home from one of John Luke’s appointments. We were glad we got home before it got too bad.

We have had some really strange looking skies lately.

Me and John Luke with his new “fast shoes”.

I was sick over the weekend with a stomach virus. I didn’t get to help my friend Retia move. I am feeling better now though and am very grateful. Unfortunately my being sick also meant Grace didnt get to go to the comic con she had been planning on going to. There is another one coming up at the end of this month. Hopefully we’ll get to go to it.

Grace found her picture on the comic con website. The picture was taken in October 2015.

And not to be the crazy cat lady but he is kinda cute.

Enjoy your day and God bless.

Good Morning

We have had some beautiful sunrises this week.

God is so good to show us so much beauty.

We also had a visitor. Grace was able to get this awesome picture of him as he sat on a fence post right in front of our house.

Big news this week for John Luke. He now has his “fast shoes” (braces). So far he has adjusted really well to wearing them.

I have been helping my friend Retia pack up this week. Next Saturday is moving day for her and Tim. Grace has had trouble with allergies all week. However she did finish up fall decorating and she has been doing the inktober challenge. Yesterday’s challenge was chicken. She drew this for it.

I love it. Notice the one on mama’s back. So cute!

Enjoy your day and God bless.

Fun Afternoon

Yesterday we spent the afternoon with our friends, the Horns. It was a lot of fun. The kids worked on craft projects.Grace’s project.Madison’sQuentin Jr.’s, Mackenzie’s. Vicki and I spent our time talking and looking at yarn on the internet. It was a good day.A few morning pictures.God bless.

Good Morning

I hope you are all having a good weekend so far.

Dave came over yesterday and helped us get a lot of things done. First we fixed the latch on the back porch door. It works so good now. Yay!

Then he put up this ceiling fan for Grace in her art room. Bev and Steve gave it to her. I think it looks really good in the room.

Another thing we did was try to start our Honda. For some reason, it won’t start. Dave thinks it might be the plugs and plug wires. I am going to try to get new ones this week so he can replace them. Hopefully that will fix it.

Also he checked out our refrigerator. It has not been working properly. He said it needs a new fan motor. He is going to try to find one online to order.

We also rearranged the propane heater on the glassed in porch and put a larger tank on it. I love using this heater in the winter. I spend a lot of time out here on this porch.

Another thing we worked on was making new gates for the garden area.

I love how they turned out.

Our feed building roof was leaking horribly and we have had a ton of rain here. He cleared off the roof, found the leak and we just spread a tarp over it until we could fix it better.

Grace helped us with some of the projects but after lunch she had her own project to work on. She dug this ditch and make this cute little pond in her duck lot.

It was a lot of work but it looks so good and the ducks love it.

After that Jess and the kids came over. We ate supper together, spaghetti and garlic bread and homemade chocolate chip cookies. Then we did a little campfire. It was a really good day. Today we are going over to the Horns to have a craft day. Thank you, Lord, for family and friends.

God bless.