Good morning everyone! I hope you have all been having a good week.

Yesterday I was cleaning out the chicken house and doing some general cleaning in the chicken run. I glanced up at a huge poke plant and got a nice surprise! Green beans were everywhere, growing on that poke plant! Amazing!

I love it! We picked about a gallon of beautiful beans. I’m not sure what variety they are but I’m guessing blue lake pole beans. They have been snapped and are ready to be cooked today for supper.

The garden is almost finished for the year. We were gifted some more jalapenos which I froze for future use. They are so pretty! I have some Tabasco peppers in the garden that aren’t completely ripe yet. I’m not sure if they will ripen to red before the first frost. I plan on leaving them on the plant as long as possible. This is my first year growing them. I don’t know if I will grow them next year or not. They definitely take a long time. I started these seeds the first week of March.

That’s all for now. I hope you all have a good day. God bless.

Fall Clean Up

Dave came over today and helped get some of the garden cleaned up. My garden is directly below a cow field so, as you can see, the weeds grow massive.

It is a continuous battle to keep the weeds at bay. We usually do a good job with it until harvest time. Then we concentrate on harvesting and preserving and the weeds take over!

Dave came over today and we made a lot of progress on getting the garden back.

It is looking so much better! Thank you, Dave!

Cowboy Candy

Good morning everyone! I hope your week has been good!

One of the things I did with all those jalapenos was to make cowboy candy. I made it a little different this year. I chopped it up into small pieces. We’ll see how we like it this way. Hopefully we do because …

I canned quite a few jars of it! 2 pint jars, 3 12 oz. jars and 7 half pint jars!

Another thing I am making is fermented sirachi sauce. I have made sirachi sauce before but never fermented. Hopefully we like it too!

It is a beautiful morning here in Floyd today. Feels like fall. I hope you all have a wonderful day.

God bless!

Dodd Creek Trail

Good morning everyone! I hope you are all having a wonderful morning! We are having a beautiful morning. Our temperature this morning was 55°. So nice!

Tuesday we did a hike on one of our local trails. This is such a nice little hike and only about 15 minutes from our house!

We have walked this trail many times however this is the first time we have walked it in the rain! Thankfully, we had umbrellas in the car. The rain actually made for a very nice walk!

A little challenging to keep the cameras dry but that just added to the fun!

Grace going after that one perfect picture!

She got some really nice pictures from there!

The trail is so pretty!

We look forward to walking it again very soon!

God bless!

Hot Sauce

Just look at these beautiful jalapenos. They were given to us by the same friend and neighbor that gave us the grapes. So today Sam and I made hot sauce.

First we started chopping. He loves chopping!

After we cooked it, we blended it all together. Then we filled his jars.

I LOVE that smile!

Recipe came from We used jalapenos instead of habaneros.

This is the fermented peach jalapeno hot sauce. Recipe says to let it ferment for two weeks before blending it all together. This recipe came from here

Sam and I had a great time making this together.

God bless!


We were blessed with an abundance of grapes given to us by our neighbor. Just look how beautiful they are. These grapes come from a grapevine that is at least 70 years old. Possibly older.

From these, we got 10 gallon bags to put in the freezer to use to make juice later in the year and 6 qts of juice for drinking now. Delicious. I can also make jelly from the juice. Grape jelly is one of our favorites.

We have started to get a few apples from our little apple tree. They are very good.

Grace had a dentist appointment Friday. She surprised us with a treat!

Lastly, I did a little fall decorating at the coffee bar. I like it.

Well, time to start my next project. I am making more corn relish. Enjoy your day and God bless.

Spicy Corn Relish

Hello everyone!

Trying a new recipe today. I love trying new things! This is spicy corn relish. I think it is so pretty! I did taste it and it is really good. To make it spicy, I used about 1/2 cup of hot peppers in the 2 cups of peppers. Definitely want to make more!

The recipe came from here:

I got the idea from watching Acre Homestead. I love watching her videos.

I also made our first batch of pepper powder. I dehydrate the peppers then grind them up to a powder. It makes awesome seasoning. It is one of my favorite ways to use peppers.

I love preserving food! God bless!

Beef Stew

Hello everyone! I hope you all are having a great weekend!

Yesterday was a busy day. First I put 40 ears of corn in the freezer that was given to us by a dear friend.

Then I canned 11 quarts of beef stew. I got the idea from Homesteading Family.

I changed my recipe up a bit by adding corn to some of the jars. It looks really pretty in the jar. It took me all day to can as it was hard for me to chop the vegetables. Thursday I cut my thumb on a can seal. I know that sounds crazy but that’s what happened. It is really sore!

Today we are going to Jess’s. I will be helping her with her closet and Grace and the three older kids will be playing d and d. They love playing that game.

I hope you all have a good day. God bless.


Our peppers are starting to be ready for harvest. I like to chop them into small pieces and freeze them on a cookie sheet. I love those beautiful colors. I then package them into freezer bags for winter. By freezing them on a cookie sheet first, they don’t all clump together when I bag them up. I can just get out however many I want to use .

Another thing I like to do with our peppers is dehydrate them. This is the first batch for the year. When I have dehydrated them all, I will blend them all up into a powder and use them as seasoning. It is so good!

We have been experiencing some cooler weather here and it feels so nice. Feels like fall. Our lows this week have been in the upper 50’s and our highs are mid 70’s. I love it!

I have a few tomatoes to can today but I think that may be the last canning. Probably just eating tomatoes from now on but we’ll see.

I hope you all have a good day and God bless.