Cold Temperatures

Well, I have no picture for today.  The time now is 4:30 and the temperature is 35 with rain.  I laughingly told the girls we might get snow but now I’m thinking it might really be a possibility.  We really haven’t gotten much snow here in the last 6 years just lots of cold and ice.  I’d much rather have snow.  School has went very well this week so far.  3 chapter tests.  They made good grades on  them  which makes me think they are learning.  Tonight is Team Kids at church and handbell practice for them.  They really enjoy both.  I don’t know if any of you all are familar with Team Kids but it really is a good program.  It’s a lot like Awana but does not require as many adult workers so it works well for smaller churches. ( or larger churches with few volunteers!)  Every week they meet, have a bible study, game time, snack time, and learn a memory verse.  I think it is so important for children to memorize verses.    Store His Word in their heart.  Important stuff.

Well I quess I need to get moving if we are going to church.  We have a fellowship meal at 5:30 and you know I don’t want to miss that.   I suppose everyone who reads my blog think all we do at church is eat but we really do study and worship God.  The food is just extra.  God Bless

Fall Colors


Here is a picture taken from our back porch.  The trees are really getting some color to them.  This one is a little late getting color.  I hope to get some really good fall pictures to post.  The temperatures have been a little cool here, overcast and dreary.  Not good weather for picture taking.  School has been going pretty good.  I read this ladies blog and she talked about how they took about 30 minutes every morning to pick up and clean up.  We have been trying this out and it works so much better for us.  I can concentrate on school then and I am not distracted by housework that needs to be done.   Speaking of school,  it’s time for us to begin.  God Bless

Canned Food





Here’s a few pictures of all the hard work the girls and I have been doing this summer.  Ain’t God good!  So much good home grown food.  I love it.  Julie took the pictures for me and I think she did a good job.  I went shopping today and purchased enough material for 9 more aprons.   I have sold all my dishcloths.  I have 2 aprons  left and 2 quilts.  I gotta get busy.  I also have some orders for Christmas to get made.    Today we went to a fall party at our friends house and the girls had so much fun.  Thanks Vicki!  I also bought some tea today (Christmas flavors).  So now every day at school we’ll be having a tea break.  Homeschool is so much fun.  Tomorrow is Sunday so I guess I better get busy doing my study on Daniel.  God Bless.

Good Morning


Wow!  Didn’t God put on a show this morning?  We awakened to see this glorious sunrise, hurried with our coffe to the picnic table and just sat and enjoyed the moment.  When I see something like this, I think God just wanted me to feel like His special daughter today.   A special gift just for me.  I know others saw it too but thats the thing about God.  He is God of the whole world but He knows and loves me personally. I hope that makes sense to everyone.  He is a God for all but He’s also just for me.  How could anyone look upon a sunrise like that and doubt there is a God and He is in control?  May your day be blessed and even if you didn’t see a sunrise this morning, feel free to enjoy mine.  God Bless.



Today has been a foggy, cool day in Floyd, so I thought we would all enjoy some summer flowers.  I love fall but I do dread to see the flowers disappear.  My grandmother loved flowers and I like to think my love of flowers comes from her.  One of my fondest memories of her involves her holding my hand, taking me through her yard and telling me the names of all her flowers.  So not only do they remind me of summer but also of her.  Today was one of those homeschooling days when you just know it’s all worth it.  School went by steady without interruption.  The girls were focused and so was I.  A good day.  Sometimes as a homeschooling Mom,  I wonder “Am I really doing this right?”  Thank God for days like today.  It’s almost like God wants me to know every now and then that I am doing exactly what He wants me to be doing.  Tomorrow I will be seeing an old friend.   We don’t get to see each other very often as we now live far apart.  I can’t wait to see her and get caught up on things.  True friendship is hard to find and I value her greatly as a friend and also as a Christian Sister.  I now have dinner to cook.  Tonights menu is baked pork tenderloin, potatoes, (fresh dug from the garden) and canned green beans (also from our garden).  I also baked fresh gingerbread to go with it.  What do you all think?  Cornbread or biscuits with this feast?  God Bless.

Exciting News

No picture with this post.  Just exciting news.  Jessica is pregnant!!!!!!!  Isn’t the God we serve amazing.  Her estimated due date is early June.  They are both extremely happy and of course MawMaw is too.  More on that little tidbit later.  About my selling day at the Fair.  Not too good.  I paid $30.00 for the spot and made $32.00.  A big $2.00 profit, but at least I made that much.  It was however a fun day.  I met lots of different people and enjoyed lots of sunshine.  And of course spent some time with Daniel.  How much better could a day be.  I’ve been shopping today so we are behind with school and other chores.  I better get busy.  God Bless.

New Cabinets!!!!


Here’s a picture of our new cabinets.  Hubby designed and made them.  I love them!   The side pantry and the bottom cabinet has been made for a while.  The top one we just put in today.   I can’t wait to fill them up.  Old Farmhouses never have enough cabinets or closets.  The counter space will be used for a coffee area.100_2162

The Blue Willow Sugar Bowl belonged to my grandmother.  I just love old things.  They have so much character.  I think I need to grind some coffee and enjoy a cup.  God Bless.

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