I took these pictures this afternoon after church.  This road connects to our road.  About 3 weeks ago when the first drifts came, they cleared this road.  I was told it took 12 hours to clear it.  I can only imagine how tall the snow was then, if it still looks like this 3 weeks later.  Church today was very good, communion with a fellowship meal, then a business meeting.  I went alone as Julie is still sick.   Hubby volunteered to stay home with them.  I very seldom go anywhere alone, so it felt very strange.  Julie is feeling some better though so I pray she is on the mend.   The young pup Jasper seems to be on the mend too.  Take care and God bless.




I apologize for not posting anything is several days.  Things have been a little busy here.  Julie is sick with a sore throat and head cold.  We took her to the doctor yesterday.  Thankfully it is not strep throat.  But she feels yucky just the same.  Rest and lots of liquids for her.  Also we have been doctoring Jasper’s (young dog) paw.  He seems to have stepped on somthing and run it through his paw in 3 different places.   The first day it happened he just limped, the second day it was swollen 3 times normal size, the third day it bled alot, then finally it has started ( I hope) to improve.  The swelling is down, he still can’t put any weight on it, but it looks much better.  Of course, he has been allowed to sleep on the enclosed porch, which I am thinking he likes WAY too much.  Cold temperatures here-below zero wind chills.  Wind gusts of about 60 mph.  We had to let the fire go out in the wood stove.  It was just too much smoke coming in the house, especially with Julie sick.  This is definitely on Hubby’s to-do list to fix this problem this summer.  100_2915

The pictures are of drifts in our side yard.  They are a little darker than I had hoped but you can get the idea anyway.  I estimate them to be over 4 ft.  Yesterday when we took Julie to the doctor,  the main road was pretty bad.  3-4 ft. drifts blocking one side of the road.  Lots of places had only 1 lane open.  When we came back, the road crews had cleared them.  Our road crews have definitely spent a lot of time working this winter.  Speaking of work, I guess I better get busy.  Take care and God bless.

MaMaw Time


A picture of me and Daniel.  We had a lot of fun playing together this weekend.  It is very seldom I get a picture of us together.  I miss you already, Daniel.   He is a very active little boy so he definitely keeps Mommy busy.  We are starting to thaw out a little here.   The snow melted quite a lot yesterday.   We probably still have about 10 inches to melt yet, but we are on the way.  A small storm is coming through today with very little accumulation.  Hopefully there will be church tonight.  We haven’t met on a Wednesday night in about a month.  I think our Friday Ladies Study will meet this week too.  Our driveway and the hill at the barn are passable.  We are starting a Beth Moore study on Esther.  It is my week to do dessert.  I am making something one of the ladies from our Sunday night study gave me the recipe for.  Thanks Faye.  It is extremely easy.  You use ice cream sandwiches, line them up in the bottom of a 9X13 cake pan, cover them with cool whip, drizzle chocolate syrup on that and freeze.  Wow! how easy is that and it is sooooo delicious.  I can hardly wait for the ladies to try it.  I really enjoy trying new recipes.  Well, time for school to start.  I better get busy.  God bless.

Spring will come!!


Maple tree with buds on it!100_2887

Easter lilies popping up!

Okay, so these pictures were taken at Jessica’s house and not mine, but aren’t they beautiful.  My easter lilies may be popping up, who knows,  they’re still buried under a foot of snow.  It is melting some and I’m glad.  The only thing about melting snow is it is no longer pretty, its just dirty and muddy.  Our trip was great.  We extended it longer than we had planned which suited me just fine.  The temperature there was in the lower 60’s on Sunday.  We grilled out and ate our meal at the picnic table.  Wonderful!  Things are taking shape at their new home.  They purchased a new bed over the weekend which means we get their old one-no more air mattress for us when we visit!  Hopefully we will get to visit more often now that spring is close.  Time for school.  Take care and God bless.

Going South


We are  “bustin loose”, going where the temperature is going to be in the lower 50’s.  We will be seeing grass, flowers peeking up from the ground.  I can hardly wait.  My biggest plan is to get me some Daniel sugar, even if I have to hold him down to get it.  Dave will be doing some repairs to my computer.  Thanks Dave.  Well, enough talking.  We are out of here.  Take care and God bless.




About 3 weeks ago, I posted the first  picture showing the amount of snow we had gotten.  The second picture was taken this morning.   Not a lot of change, but I know spring is coming.  Our birds are starting to make the nesting calls.  Surely they know things we don’t.  Hopefully we will get to do bible study tomorrow.  Hubby did get the van out this morning.  It took him 5 trys but he did it.  The truck wheel is still locked up so it is not going anywhere.  I will wait until this evening when he returns to find out how bad our road is, hopefully not too bad, so the ladies will be able to come.  We are supposed to start Esther by Beth Moore.  I am very excited about this study.  I love Beth Moore studies.  School today as usual.   The girls and I are watching the entire series of Anne of Green Gables videos.  There have been really good so far.  Well, I guess it is time for school.  Enjoy your day and God bless.

Here Comes the Sun


The sunrise was beautiful here this morning.  As hubby and I were drinking our morning coffee, the Lord decided to give us a blessing.  Just a glimpse into what He can do.  I love sunrises.  A new day, a day the Lord has made, and I am privileged to be part of it.  Thank you, Lord.  There’s just something about sunshine that always makes me grateful.  The snow has stopped, the wind is laying down some.   Our road was blocked by drifts again,  so we could not go anywhere.  We rescheduled paino lessons for Thursday, hopefully we will be able to get out by then.  We are having difficulties with our 4 wheel drive truck.  The back wheel is locking up.  Hubby took me to the barn Monday to get milk and thats when it happened.  Hopefully, he will get this fixed soon.  No church tonight.  The rule is if there is no public school on Wednesday, there is no church Wednesday night.  We probably couldn’t get out to go anyway.  School goes on as usual in our household.  I tell the girls,  they will thank me this summer, when we are finished early with school.  I’m not sure they believe me right now, but I know it is true.  Well, I better get started on our day.  God Bless.

Snowing Again






I thought everyone would enjoy some more snow pictures.  The last picture is the pond.  I know it just looks white but it really is snowing hard.  Yes, it is snowing again.  2-4 inches.  Well, that don’t sound too bad.  We did get out over the weekend.  Went to town Saturday and church yesterday.  It felt good to get out.  Not much else happening here today.  Just school and everyday things.  We brought Jasper (the puppy-I shouldn’t call him puppy anymore) in and gave him a bath this morning.  Very interesting!  He hadn’t had a bath in a while as he has been outside most of the winter.   I was amazed at how much bigger he is.  I have allowed him to stay in today while he is drying.  He is a very happy dog, and of course Julie is a very happy girl.  Enjoy your day and God bless.

More Snow Pictures


I wanted to get some pictures showing how deep the drifts had gotten.  Unfortunately by the time we went back down to the barn it was almost too dark to get really good pictures.  This picture shows going down to the milk barn.


This is the side of the road at the milk barn.



This picture is coming up from the milk barn.

These pictures do not show it as well as I wanted them to.  There was not enough light.  Anyway you can get an idea of how it looks.  The road crews have not even thought about our road yet.  Fortunately for us, Marvin clears this part of the road with his tractor so he can get up to his cows.  If not, there would be no path cleared.  The wind, praise God, has slowed down.  Temperatures were in the lower 20’s.  The weather man says to expect below normal temperatures for the next 10 day, so I guess none of this will be melting any time soon.  Chance of more snow coming in on Monday.  At least we can get the truck down to the barn now.  No bible study tomorrow.  No one could get here.  I guess I better get busy, getting things done.  God Bless.

New Aprons



Here are two new aprons I just finished.  I think the red polka dot is so cheerful.  I think it would make anyone happy wearing it around doing household chores, don’t you?  Today has not been a very pleasant day here in our little section of God’s creation.  High wind has been the main issue today.  Gusts up to about 70 mph and a steady wind of about 40-50 mph.  We tried to go down to the barn a little while ago to get milk.  The drifts were too high for our old 86 Chevy truck to get through even in 4wheel low.  The wind is blowing so hard, the chimney is having a hard time drawing, so it has been a challenge  keeping the fire going.   If you look outside, you would think we live in Alaska.  Of course, I’ve never been to Alaska, but it looks like the pictures I’ ve saw.  We awoke this  morning to single digit temperatures with below zero wind chills.  The temperatures did not come out of the teens all day and the wind has continued to blow stronger.  The weatherman says we are in a “nor’easter” ( I’m not sure I spelled that correct) until sometime tomorrow afternoon and then the wind will calm to about 20-30 mph.  Oh well, that’s winter.  Okay, I’ve complained enough about the weather for one day.  I know things could be so much worse.  We still have electricity, the water isn’t frozen and it’s warm inside our home.  God is good!  As my step-grandmother used to say “Praise the name of my King”  I pray you all will keep warm and safe this night.  God Bless.

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