Signs of Spring

We have been blessed with some beautiful days here in Floyd this week. Today’s temperature was 70 degrees with sunshine. I love it. We spotted this coltsfoot blooming on the backside of the gap. It is always the first wildflower we see blooming.

Our rhubarb is coming up. Makes my mouth water just looking at it.

Buds on the lilac bush!

And clothes on the line.

All these warm spring days make me want to get some projects done.

The gate going into the chicken lot was in bad shape. We cut a few new pieces and fixed it up pretty good.

At least, it opens and closes better now.

And, of course, I had to dig in the dirt.

In this bed, I planted a few green onions, lettuce, spinach and kale. It may be a little early but I just had to take a chance.

Our project for today involved trimming back the grapevine.

We raised the vines up higher and put one of our benches under it. I anticipate it to be a shady place to sit and rest this summer after working in garden.

One more picture of the pond. Mama goose is already on her nest and papa goose is standing guard. Oh, I almost forgot, last night we heard the spring FROGS. That makes me so happy. I love to hear them.

Enjoy your day and God bless.


Look at this beautiful bird. Grace took the picture yesterday while he was at our feeder. We think he is a male house finch. He is so pretty.

She also took this picture of these ducks at the pond. We looked them up and think they are mergansers. I probably spelled that wrong?

Things here have been kinda busy. We were having trouble with our electric wood splitter so we have been splitting it by hand. Not fun! However, we think it is now in operation. Dave sharpened the wedge for us and bled the lines. The problem though wasn’t just the splitter. Come to find it out, something is wrong with the electricity going out to the shop. This is way out of my league. So until it can get fixed, we are running a cord from the porch to the wood shed and running the splitter off it.

In other news, our water pump went out and we were without water for 2 days. We got that fixed and now the commode won’t fill up! Oh well, that’s life.

On to happier things. I got some more seed the other day. I love seed shopping. It makes me very happy.

I took the older kids to Parkour class last week as John Luke had his speech therapy that day. The kids have a blast at this class.

We also took this handsome guy for his hearing test. He did great on it.

I took this picture of Grace as she was cleaning out her duck house. As you can see though she has helpers which makes the work go better.

That’s about it for this time. I hope everyone has a good day and God bless.

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