Seed update

Just a little update on our seeds. So far they are doing pretty good.

We decorated eggs yesterday with our friends the Horns. It was a good day. We ate supper with them. Quentin had smoked some chicken breast in his smoker. It was very good. We also had baked beans, mac & cheese, garlic bread and a really good dip made with smoked fish and jello for dessert.

Grace and I have also started painting her art room. We have finished the ceiling so far.

Big difference. This room has a lot of suet damage as you can tell. I will have updates on this room as we progress with the painting.

Grace starting to paint one of the shelves. This paint goes on pink but dries white.

Enjoy your day and God bless.


We got lots of snow here this weekend which made my Grace very happy. She loves snow.

We got about 15 inches or so.

A very pretty snow. Temperatures stayed warm so it was fun to be outside.

The downside to all that beautiful snow is that our power was off for about 24 hours. Thank God, though, this doesn’t affect our heat or our ability to cook.

Now for some beautiful sunrise pictures.

Walking day by day in His mercy. God bless.

Starting Some Seeds

Grace and I got out the little greenhouse and started a few seeds.

Mostly flowers. We think we will just get plants for most of our vegetables this year from our local greenhouse. I did start some herbs though and a few peppers.

We meet our friends, the Horns, at our local greenhouse Saturday. We got these beautiful pansies. They are still on my front porch as we are getting snow today and more predicted for the weekend. They definitely brighten up the porch. After the greenhouse, we went thrift store shopping and then Quentin treated us to Mexican for lunch.

Grace got a new betta fish on Sunday after church. His name is HotDog. He seems to love his new home.

God bless.


There was a beautiful full rainbow at our house yesterday. Reminder of God’s love.

Turn around from the rainbow and this is what we saw. Beautiful. Thank you, Grace, for the pictures.

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