Dave’s Project

Dave started the Christmas tree project for his work.He had lots of great helpers.They had so much fun helping him.Each big triangle is filled with smaller triangles. Each small triangle will have different color lights inside it.It is going to look beautiful! He will be putting the lights inside this week and then setting it up. As soon as it is up, he will send me a picture. I will then update this post so everyone can see it.Updated picture. I think it looks wonderful.God bless.

An Afternoon With Daniel

Daniel and I had such a good afternoon yesterday.

When he saw his mom’s shawl I made her, he said he wanted me to make him one. We went in search of the yarn he wanted to use. It took us a while to find it. We went to Michael’s first but they didn’t have what we were looking for. We then went to Hobby Lobby only to remember they are closed on Sundays. Last stop was Joanns. We found the colors he wanted there and it is very soft yarn.

This is the brand and the color.

I started working on it last night. I think it will be so pretty. What makes it so special to me though is all the fun we had looking for it.

When I finish his project, I want the other grandkids to pick out something for me to make them and go together to pick out the colors. It was such a blessed afternoon.

God bless.

Katies Birthday

We have been celebrating birthdays here!

This sweet girl turned 8 on Saturday. For her birthday, we went to a tea house in Salem. Katie loves tea houses!

The food was DELICIOUS!

Her other favorite thing to do is go to Build A Bear.

I love this picture of her and Jess.

It was a good birthday!

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