A Little Walk

Grace and I took a little walk the other day. Things are starting to get green here.

I love it! Grace took one of her furbys out with us and got so many cute pictures with it!

I feel we are extremely blessed to live where we do.

It is such a beautiful place!

Enjoy your day and God bless.

Garden Update

Hello everyone! I thought I would share a little update on the garden. The radishes, beets and turnips are looking great. It always amazes me how fast radishes grow!Broccoli and cabbage are doing good.Green onions! These are also fast growers.Blueberry bushes! Yum!These flowers came up from last year! It looks like they will soon have some blooms on them. I love it!I also spent some time potting up my seedlings this week. If all goes well, we will have about 140 tomato plants and about 40 pepper plants.We did a little tilling this week and planted a few potatoes.We had a terrible storm here on Thursday. Lots of hail and some scary wind. Our power was off for a few hours, so Grace worked on this drawing.I think it is so pretty!That’s all for now. God bless.

Garden News

Good morning everyone! I hope you all have had a great week. One of our goals for this week was to start on this mountain of mulch. It is a LOT of work but it makes the garden look so much better and means less mowing and less weed eating during the summer. So definitely worth all the work.

We have about one third of it done. I love how how neat and clean it looks. We get the mulch from our local sawmill.

In other garden news, I planted radishes, turnips, beets and carrots in this tractor rim. They are coming up nicely.

Planted greens in this bed. Some are old favorites and some are new varieties to try.

The tomato seeds are up and doing good.

These peppers popped up yesterday.

I’ve been enjoying hanging clothes on the line.

Also making fresh lemon balm tea!

God bless.

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