We received our first egg this past week from this group of beautiful ladies.

To make it even more special, we got it on Grace’s birthday! I sure have missed having fresh eggs. And I have really missed having chickens. I am glad we decided to get these ladies this summer. They really bring a lot of joy. I love hear them singing in the mornings.

God bless.

Grace and Katie’s Birthday

Yesterday we celebrated Grace and Katie’s birthdays. Katie’s is on the 2nd of November and Grace’s is the 5th. Just look how festive they are!❤

Jess always does such a great job with decorations for all the parties!

Katie’s afghan I made her.

One of Grace’s gift from Dave and Jess.

It is so pretty in the dark. They both got lots of nice gifts but the best gift of all is getting to celebrate together.

God bless!

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