Happy Friday!

Good morning everyone! I hope you have all had a good week! Things are good here. The weather has been nice this week but it has cooled down today. We are expecting a few inches of snow Sunday, which, in my opinion, would be awesome. We have had no snow this winter. Just a few flurries. Above is a little doily I made this week. I used spring pastel colors. I really like it! I followed this video to make it. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=J5xqHyxJw8I

I went to our local greenhouse the other day to pick up some potting soil. I also got these beautiful basil plants and a few dill plants. I got these stackable pots at dollar tree a few years back. They are not my favorite pots but they might work good for these herbs.

I also got this super cute garden flag at the greenhouse. The flowers on the lady bug’s wings are embroidered. I plan on waiting until May to put this up in the garden. Hopefully it won’t be as windy then.

I successfully overwintered this parsley and rosemary. I kept them on my glassed in front porch. This makes me very happy as I have not had them survive a winter here before. I plan on planting all the herbs in pots this year and I am going to try remember to bring them all in next fall ūüėČ

I wanted to share Grace’s latest drawing. I think they are SO adorable!

That’s all for now. God bless!

Soup and Mulch

Hello everyone! I hope you have all had a great weekend! Things have been good here.

Yesterday I decided to can up some vegetable beef soup. This is one of our favorite soups. I really enjoy having it canned. If you haven’t tried canning soups and such, I highly recommend it. So convenient to just open a jar. I can chili beans, taco soup, beef stew…all kinds of easy meals like that.

Beautiful weather here today so I decided to work a little on the mulch pile.

It is slowly getting moved to the garden.

We are going over to Jess’s in a little bit to do the Universal Yums box that they get. It is so much fun trying different snacks from around the world.

I hope you have a great day! God bless!


Good morning everyone! Exciting day here on the farm. Today is tomato seed starting day. It is a little earlier than I usually start them but the “signs” were right for today. Coming up is flowering signs and then the moon goes into dark phase until March 23rd and I think that would be too late to start them. I know, call me crazy for following all this moon phase stuff but it is the way my mom planted and it worked for her. Besides, I really think it is fun! Above is a picture of the cherry tomato varieties I started,

These are the paste tomato varieties,

Yellow and striped varieties,

And slicers!

I know this seems like a lot but mostly only one or two plants of each variety will go in the garden. Many are new to me and many are old reliables. Very exciting!!

God bless!


Good morning everyone! I hope you have all been having a good week. I thought I would show an update on our seedlings so far.

The broccoli and cabbage have been moved up to larger pots and are doing really well so far. Some of the herbs are surprisingly alive so I am hopeful that I will get to pot them up soon.

Some of the peppers have germinated and I moved them up into these trays. The larger peppers are the Sugar Rush peach and the Shishito that I started earlier. The smaller ones were planted 9 days ago. I have more but they have not sprouted yet. Some were old seeds so they may not sprout. That’s ok though, I have plenty of time to start more seeds.

I hope you enjoy your day and God bless!

Pepper Varieties

Good morning everyone! I hope you all had a good weekend! It is an exciting day today for me. I am starting my pepper seeds! Pictured above are the varieties I have chosen for this year.

Many of these are new (to me) varieties and I am very excited to try them. I am wanting to do heirlooms in the garden this summer so I can save seeds from everything. I really enjoy seed saving so all of these are heirloom except the gypsy pepper. These are my favorite peppers though so I had to make room for them.

I hope y’all have a great day and God bless.


Good morning everyone! It is a beautiful Saturday morning here in Floyd. Our temperature dropped significantly last night. It was down to 19¬į when I got up this morning. I am sure our wind chill was in the single digits but I forgot to check. Definitely cold!

So this morning as I was feeding, watching these cute ladies, I thought chickens bring me so much joy! During the (long) short days of winter when egg production comes almost to a complete stop, it is tempting to think they are just a bunch of freeloaders, requiring feed, multiple trips daily in the cold to check on them and getting no eggs in return.

But then spring comes! The days become longer and brighter. They sing to me every morning! They give us eggs! They are happy chickens and in return their presence gives me great joy!

God bless!


Just rec. a call from the cancer doctor–GOOD NEWS!!! The cancer is responding to the chemo, ALL the tumors have shrunk by at least 50%. We will resume chemo treatments on the 30th of this month. THANK YOU, LORD!! I want to say that God is good, however, I don’t want to give the wrong impression. God is good no matter what the scan result would have been. I am thankful for His healing but His healing in no way determines how good He is. Thanks to each and every one of you that have said a prayer for us. Please continue to pray. To borrow a phrase from one of my daughters, Pray for miraculous results!! Thank you!

Baptizing, Picnic, Garden and Surprise

IMG_0779Hello everyone!  Today was our annual church picnic and baptizing.  This young man accepted the Lord as his Savior and was baptized today.  It was getting ready to rain.  If you look closely, you can see a few raindrops hitting the pond.  The rain was much needed.

IMG_0799Here is a picture of one of our little areas in the yard.  You can see the park bench and Mr.  Rooster.  Our butterfly bush had a hard time this winter with all the cold and snow.  We thought it might not have survived but a few blooms made it.  The hummingbirds love the Rose of Sharon bush.  I spotted these two big rocks over the hill several years ago and got Marvin to bring them to the yard with the tractor.  He said that was a first for him.  Usually people want rocks taken out of their yard not brought in.  Now if you look way back past Mr. Rooster you will see my surprise!!

IMG_0805Another swing!!! ¬†The girls and I found the frame to this swing years ago at the dumpster. ¬†Here in Floyd, people set things out at the dumpster for other people to use. ¬†I have even seen appliances sitting out with a note on them telling people what is wrong with them. ¬†Anyway, the frame was pink and didn’t have a swing with it-just the frame. ¬†The first year we lived in Floyd, Hubby made me the swing you see on the frame. ¬†It hung on our back porch for years until just recently when we boxed in the porch. ¬†No porch-no swing. ¬†I told him when he took it down I wanted him to think of somewhere to put it. ¬†It stayed in the building for a couple of years. ¬†The other day the girls and I were gone for a little while. ¬†When we got home, he had put the swing on the pink frame and painted them both. ¬†I LOVE IT! ¬†He sure knows how to get to my heart!!!

IMG_0801Now a few garden pictures.  We were working on putting this fence up around the garden when we found out all about Hubby being sick.  A friend came the following week, put up the remainder of the posts, helped us run the wire and tillered the garden for us.  God is so good.

IMG_0803Well, that’s about it for now. ¬†I hope you all have a great Sunday and God bless.

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