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Wood Splitting

A little while back, Hubby was working on a bathroom remodel.  Him and the owner started talking about getting wood for winter and the owner showed him the wood splitter he made.  He said he would be glad to come over and split our wood for us so today we took him up on the offer.  It was an awesome machine.


He started around 1:00 and finished about 5:00.  It is a really fast splitter.


Here they are just getting started.  Notice our ever present helper, Shadow.  He is always where we are.  He’s such a good dog.


So while the men split the wood, us girls stacked it inside the building.  We are now 3 rows deep and 1 side row.  There is still much more to stack.  Time ran out for today.  Of course, they could split much quicker than we could stack.


This is where I would have liked to be.  Oh well, sitting won’t keep us warm this winter.  I’m just kidding, I really enjoy work especially when we are all working together.  Enjoy your day and God bless.


Hi everyone.  I’m sorry about no pictures lately but I have been having trouble with my computer.  Hopefully all is fixed now.  Saturday, Dave, Jess and kids came up for a visit.  Dave and Hubby went to Pastor Tom’s shoot.  They had a great time.  Then on Saturday afternoon, Chuck and his kids came over too.  I was one happy mawmaw.  All my grandbabies here at one time.  I hope this becomes a habit.  We all went to cut wood.  I so wish I had taken my camera.  It was so cute seeing them all carrying wood to load in the truck.  Everyone went.  We even had Katie and Sam in the stroller, which did not make Sam happy.  He kept saying, “I wanna help PawPaw too.”  We thought Sam might be a little too much “help.”

We had a great supper of pork, pintos, mashed potatoes, rolls, peaches and pears.  After cutting, loading and unloading two truck loads of wood, everyone was hungry.  As they were leaving, I gave them all an apple for the road.  Alexius was getting in the car and got her finger shut in the car door.  Chuck asked her how she managed to do that and she said, “I was trying to hold my apple and I wanted to give MawMaw another hug”.  I felt so sorry for her.

I have been helping Hubby all this week with a bathroom remodel.  We finished it today.  Tomorrow, he will start installing the cabinets at the old farmhouse he has been working on.  We plan on going with the Horn’s this Saturday to Grayson Highlands for their fall festival.  We are looking forward to it.  It sounds like lots of fun.  Well, I think that’s about all that is happening around here.  I hope you all have a great evening and God bless.