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Update on Sell

Hello ladies.   I thought I would give you all a quick update on how things went today.  Not near as good as I hoped but I know it could have been worse.  I sold $22.50.  The rolls were the big hit.  I sold all of them and 1 bag of laundry soap.  No dishcloths sold or aprons.  Well, at least I know now what to take next time.  My friend told me I could set up anytime.  So I think next time I’ll make rolls and cinnamon rolls.  Anyway, I’m $22.50 richer than I was this morning and it really was a good day.  I got to visit with my friend and her family and meet lots of diffferent people.  I definitely will do it again, maybe even next week.

Enjoy your evening and God bless.



The front porch is finished.  I wanted to show you the finished product.  I’m not sure the picture does a good job of showing it or not.


I rolled the blinds down some so you all could see them too.  When we do school out here, we roll them down some to eliminate the glare.  They also help keep it cooler in the summer.  We now have cleaned and mopped the floor and returned all the furniture to the porch.  It is so nice.  Thanks, Hubby.

Yesterday was spent down at Jessica’s watching the boys while she went for her ultra sound.  She saw the heart beat so all is well in Mama’s world.  She is 8 weeks and her due date is Nov. 9th.  Very close to Grace’s birthday.  Today will be catch up at school and getting the house cleaned for tomorrow’s bible study.  It is my turn for dessert and I am planning on making cinnamon rolls.  We are going over to the Horn’s tomorrow evening to eat and visit with them.  I am making enough cinnamon rolls to take over there as well. 

Enjoy your day and God bless.

A Mountain of Rolls


One of the things I am taking tomorrow for our thanksgiving meal at church will be these rolls.  I froze them ahead of time and have been baking them all day today.  The one difference I have noticed is that the frozen dough did not rise as much as it would if it had not been frozen.  They taste the same though and I guess thats what counts.  I am also making cinnamon rolls to take.  Not sure what else yet.  After our meal, the youth of our church will go shopping.  Every year they get two  ”angels” from the angel tree.  A boy and a girl.  Each family in the church contributes $5.00.  Then the youth go shopping.  They boys buy for the boy and the girls buy for the girl.  It is a very nice tradition.  Our youth really look forward to going.   One year, they were shopping and picked out something they wanted to buy and they were a little short on the  money needed to buy it.  One of the boys said he had some extra from a job he had done that week.  He gave the extra so they could purchase the item.  I love that.   Children being raised to give generously and without expecting anything in return. 

Yesterday I had a WONDERFUL surprise.  Jessica and Sam came up for a visit.  I did not know they were coming.  They just walked in the door.  I was so happy.  Daniel and David were at home.  She stayed until after lunch.  The bible study ladies had not gotten to see Sam yet.  It was a great surprise.  Have I mentioned I love happy surprises?

Beautiful day here in Floyd.  Very nice temperatures with lots of sunshine.  A great day for being outside.  Enjoy your day and God bless.

Yesterday I had a WONDERFUL surprise.  Jessica and Sam came up for a visit.  I did not know they were coming.  They just walked in the door.  I was so happy.  Daniel and David were at home.  She stayed until after lunch.  The bible study ladies had not gotten to see Sam yet.  It was a great surprise.  Have I mentioned I love happy surprises?

Cinnamon Rolls


I think I’ve been a little crazy this week as far as cinnamon rolls are concerned.  This is my third batch.  One I shared with my friend Vicki, the other with my friend Faye, and today was my turn to make dessert for the ladies study.  Guess what I made.   Thats right more cinnamon rolls.  I had never made them to share with the ladies so I thought today was a good time.  They were very good and everyone seemed to enjoy them.

No school today.  National Holiday.  My Grace’s birthday.  As part of her treat, I let them out of school.  I think they have enjoyed their day off.   We are having our version of “Crazy Bread” for supper as this is one of her favorites.   We are almost finished with our Ruth study.  It has been very good.  While I was browsing on Net Flix I discovered they have a movie called “The Book of Ruth”.  It looked to be very good.  I ordered it and we are thinking of watching it next week after we finish the last lesson.  This would be something new for us.  I don’t think we have ever watched a movie together. 

Today has been a nice day here in Floyd.   Partly cloudy.  The sun is shining now though.  Temperature is about 45 degrees.  Pretty nice.   Well, I better get busy on that crazy bread.  Enjoy your evening and God bless.



Anyone for pie in your face?  I know you can’t see it very well but yes that is our pastor in the background with whipped creme all over his face.  His game was to ask the children bible questions and if they answered correctly they get the throw a whipped creme pie in his face.  It was, of course, a big “hit”.  The kids stood in line for the opportunity to play his game.  He is a really good sport.  To be honest, it probably was his idea.


Will the real bumblebee please stand up?  I think PawPaw needs a bigger costume, don’t you?


Sam had a lot of fun getting passed from person to person.  It doesn’t take long for your arms to get tired holding this boy.  He is constantly in motion.  Well, more pictures next time.  We all had fun. 

Yesterday, we made cinnamon rolls and shared them with our best friends, the Horns.  It was a nice visit, just not long enough.  Today the girls and I are going for haircuts after school.  I am going to stop to vote on the way.  Hope all of you have a great day and God bless.



Today was spent running errands.  The girls had dentists appointments this morning.  We left home at 9:00 as it takes about an hour to get to Roanoke from here.    After their appointments, we spent some time in Lifeway.  I picked out several studies I think the ladies will enjoy doing.  Then we went to Toys R Us.  The girls wanted to look around.

  When the girls were younger, we always called Roanoke “big big town, Christiansburg was “big town” and Floyd (our town) was called “little town” .  So we came back, went to “little town” and picked up the wheat I had ordered.  It is called Prairie Gold.  It is a hard white spring wheat.  It can be used in all baking, from bread to cookies.  The price was $25.00 for a 50 lb. bag.  Pretty good price.  Tomorrow I hope to make cinnamon rolls to share with a friend on Thursday.  If I’m really industrious, maybe a loaf of bread too.  Our snow is melting more each day.  Temperature today was about 60 degrees.  I went out on my back porch and sat on my porch swing.  I love porch swings.  When I was a little girl, my grandmother had a porch swing and I have loved them ever since.  To me, nothing says relaxing more than a swing, so I have 1 porch swing and 2 yard swings.  All made for me by my loving Hubby.  The girls have had 2 tree swings since they were very small and still enjoy them.  I guess we’re just “a swingin” bunch.   Take care and God bless.

Ice Skating



I know I’m going from one extreme to the next with my pictures, but I thought you all might enjoy a view from my front window.  It’s actually quite pretty( if you like the look of ice).  I am getting a little tired of looking at it though.  We’re hoping for a warm up soon, especially concerning the bathroom water lines.  I don’t think I mentioned yesterday but our potatoes also froze in the canning building.  Ok, enough “woe is me” stuff.  Life is still good and God is still in control.  Today is the start of a new week.  School as usual.  I am thinking of making another batch of cinnamon rolls as the first ones seemed to go pretty good.  Sometimes, making desserts here is a waste of time and money as we do not eat a lot of sweets.  I think this time I will try the sticky bun recipe.  I have read a lot about sticky buns in Amish books and think I would like to try them.  Well time for school.  Take care and God Bless.

Cinnamon Rolls


I made cinnamon rolls yesterday.  Sorry for the small picture.  I am having trouble with my blog pictures.  I need some help, Dave!!  Anyway this was my first attempt at cinnamon rolls.  Jess has made them several times so I thought I would try my hand at them.  They turned out pretty good.  Well, it is still cold here.  About 5 degrees with a wind chill of about -15 or more.  Wind gusts of about 40 miles an hour today and tomorrow.  Needless to say our water in the bathroom is still frozen.  The girls had their first experience with washing their hair the old way today.  Not a lot of fun but better than nothing, at least we are clean.  It’s time for school to start so I better get busy.  Stay warm and God Bless.