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Our Home



These shots were taken last summer.  This is our home.  As I have said many times, I think we live in a very beautiful part of God’s creation.  Of course, today you would have to really look hard to find the house.  It kinda blends in with all the snow.  The snow stopped falling yesterday afternoon.  It’s very pretty, but I thought maybe I would post something else besides winter scenes.  I thought of flowers but decided to go with these pictures.  Yesterday and today were snuggle in days.  The girls and I watched the 2 disc movie of “Little House on the Prairie”.  We watched disc 1 yesterday and disc 2 today.  We enjoyed it a lot.  We are big fans of the Ingalls family.  I’ve worked on aprons and a little on Grace’s quilt/wallhanging.  I love snuggle in days.  Well, I think I’ll go play with my girls.  God Bless.

P.S.  I didn’t realize when I put the pictures on but they are almost the same.  Sorry about that but as I lack the computer skills to fix this mistake I had to leave it like it was.