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The front porch is finished.  I wanted to show you the finished product.  I’m not sure the picture does a good job of showing it or not.


I rolled the blinds down some so you all could see them too.  When we do school out here, we roll them down some to eliminate the glare.  They also help keep it cooler in the summer.  We now have cleaned and mopped the floor and returned all the furniture to the porch.  It is so nice.  Thanks, Hubby.

Yesterday was spent down at Jessica’s watching the boys while she went for her ultra sound.  She saw the heart beat so all is well in Mama’s world.  She is 8 weeks and her due date is Nov. 9th.  Very close to Grace’s birthday.  Today will be catch up at school and getting the house cleaned for tomorrow’s bible study.  It is my turn for dessert and I am planning on making cinnamon rolls.  We are going over to the Horn’s tomorrow evening to eat and visit with them.  I am making enough cinnamon rolls to take over there as well. 

Enjoy your day and God bless.

Exciting News

No picture with this post.  Just exciting news.  Jessica is pregnant!!!!!!!  Isn’t the God we serve amazing.  Her estimated due date is early June.  They are both extremely happy and of course MawMaw is too.  More on that little tidbit later.  About my selling day at the Fair.  Not too good.  I paid $30.00 for the spot and made $32.00.  A big $2.00 profit, but at least I made that much.  It was however a fun day.  I met lots of different people and enjoyed lots of sunshine.  And of course spent some time with Daniel.  How much better could a day be.  I’ve been shopping today so we are behind with school and other chores.  I better get busy.  God Bless.