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Parkway View


We had a really nice weekend here in Floyd.  Dave, Jess and the boys came up to celebrate Hubby’s birthday.  Jess and I went to a yard sale in town.  Later that evening they took us all out to eat at a local Mexican restuarant.  We had a great time.   On Sunday we went on a picnic down the parkway.  This is a picture we took from one of the lookouts.

Today, we went down to watch the boys while Jess went to her doctors appointment.  All is going well with her and the baby.  Thank you, Lord.  She will find out next month if she is having a girl or a boy.   Daniel said they don’t want any “gwirls” there.    Jess told him “but what about Mommy.”  Daniel said “You’re not a “gwirl” , you’re Mommy.  We are just praying for a healthy baby-boy or girl. 

We have been getting lots of rain here.  We have had a little sun this evening but mostly overcast.  We still do not have our plants in the garden yet.  It has just been too wet.  We don’t have the brush pile burned or the lower garden tilled.  I still have lots of flower seeds to get in the ground too.   Oh well, all in God’s time. 

Enjoy your evening and God bless.



First step in getting the garden ready.


Then Billy plowed them with the tractor.  Sorry I forgot to get a picture of him plowing.


Hubby finished tillering them yesterday evening.  We now have peas, onions, and lettuce planted.  I hope to get the potatoes and cabbage in the ground this week.  I also planted a few cosmos flower seeds yesterday evening.  Today will be school as usual.  Julie is feeling some better.  Hopefully we are getting over all this.  We have sunshine at this moment but it is supposed to rain this afternoon.  Believe it or not, we actually need rain.  The garden was extremely dry.  I would have thought with all the snow we had it would not have been.  Time for school.  Take care and God bless.