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Winter Wonderland


I thought I would share a few pictures of what it looks like here in Floyd.  Maybe I shouldn’t say Floyd because from what I can understand not everywhere in Floyd looks like this.  Some areas only got ice but we have snow on top of the ice.


Yesterday was spent not doing much of anything.  Just chilling out, reading, playing games.  Just a fun relaxing day.  Watching it snow.


It is very beautiful, however, I do believe I am ready for warmer temperatures (I think I have said that before!)  Next week, we are supposed to warm up considerably.


My hero!  The first thing he does after a snow is to clear the vehicles and the walkway-just in case we want to get out.  Thanks, babe!  I hope you all have a wonderful day and God bless.


Clay Shoot


I apologize for not getting to post in a while.  Things have been very busy here.  Hopefully, they will slow down soon.  The weekend was so much fun.  David, Jess, and the boys came up.  We all went to the clay shoot on Saturday.  We stayed for a while, then left David and George there.  We stopped at a few yard sales on the way home.  Later we had a campfire and just relaxed and enjoyed the evening.


This is David shooting.  He did really good for a beginning and I think he really enjoyed himself.


One of the ladies shooting in the Women’s Competition.


And, of course, my hero!

God bless.