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Update on Job Site


Hello everyone!  I know it has been several days since I made a post.  First off, my blog was down for a few days. Thanks to David, I am now back up and running.  Second, we have been pretty busy here.  I thought I would share a few pictures of how the progress is coming on Hubby’s job. 


We tore up the flooring in the livingroom.  It was in pretty bad shape.


The floor joists were sitting down on the ground.  Of course, there is only one way to fix that. 


This was our progress as of Monday evening.  Tuesday the girls and I had to go to C-burg so I didn’t get to help (too bad, right!)  Hubby did finish moving the dirt out of this section.  Next we will tear up the other side of the floor and do the same thing again.  It is hard work but exciting.  The house is really starting to take shape.  Today, I helped him hang sheetrock on another job.  Thank the Good Lord, work seems to be picking up some for us.  We are SO thankful!


The girls working on school work.  Homeschool is so much fun.  We can take it with us wherever we go. 


I thought I would show you all what damage termites can do.


We will be replacing these pieces of wood with blocks.  Tuesday when we went to C-burg we stopped by the Horn’s for a visit.  They had a great surprise.


Baby Ducks!!!  Their mama duck had just hatched 16 baby ducks.  It was very exciting.  We had a nice visit and Vicki helped me (actually she did all the work) list some school books on Ebay to sell.  Thanks again, Vicki.

Today has been wet and chilly here in Floyd.  When we came home from hanging the sheetrock, I built a fire to take the chill out of the house.  Wet weather seems to make the house feel colder.  Well, I think that about catching up all we have been doing.  I hope you all have a good evening and God bless.

Canned Food





Here’s a few pictures of all the hard work the girls and I have been doing this summer.  Ain’t God good!  So much good home grown food.  I love it.  Julie took the pictures for me and I think she did a good job.  I went shopping today and purchased enough material for 9 more aprons.   I have sold all my dishcloths.  I have 2 aprons  left and 2 quilts.  I gotta get busy.  I also have some orders for Christmas to get made.    Today we went to a fall party at our friends house and the girls had so much fun.  Thanks Vicki!  I also bought some tea today (Christmas flavors).  So now every day at school we’ll be having a tea break.  Homeschool is so much fun.  Tomorrow is Sunday so I guess I better get busy doing my study on Daniel.  God Bless.