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A Few More Festival Pictures


I thought I would share a few more festival pictures today.  These handmade baskets were beautiful!  Too pricey for me but very, very pretty. 


Darling sheep.  They had a sheep herding demonstration.  The dogs were very well trained. 


And a horse pulling competition.  Huge horses.  16 pair of them altogether.   They had some in a trailer and you could come by and pet them.  Julie loved it.  There was one pair of mules but they did not pull anything.  They hooked them up to the load but the mules just stood there.  I’m not sure if it was too heavy for them or if they were just being stubborn. 


Believe it or not, we actually had some snow flurries this morning.  Our temperature is in the lower 30’s.  We have a fire built in the wood stove, with homemade beef stew simmering on it.  I am getting ready to make some rolls to go with the stew.  It is a snuggle in kind of day.  I hope you all have a great day and God bless.

More Festival Pictures


I have so many pictures to share.  Here are a few more from our day at the Festival.


Here the horses are grinding the cane into juice for making molasses.


The man in charge of making the molasses was very nice.  He took the girls through the entire process step by step.  He even let them have a turn skimming off the foam. 


Spinning wool. 


An old baby cradle. 

Today we have been busy with school.  I did a batch of apples in the steam juicer.  Washed several loads of laundry.  I have a roast in crockpot for supper.  We will be having potato gravy,  green beans and homemade rolls with it.   Enjoy your day and God bless.