Chuck’s Visit


Today, Chuck and his family came for a visit.  We had a very nice day.  We ate baked ham, mashed potatoes, green beans, corn, sweet potato casserole,  homemade rolls and biscuits with peaches for dessert.    He loved his swing.  I am hoping it makes it home safely.  He left with it tied on the top of his Pathfinder.  The kids played with the kitties most of the day.   The other big entertainment was clothes pins.  Children have such imaginations. 


A picture of the food table.


Here we all are getting ready to eat.  Julie is hiding behind Chuck. 

I pray you all have a wonderful Christmas and God bless.

A Good Day


Yesterday was such a fun day.  Daniel and Sam spend the day with us.  We went riding in the “bumpy truck.”  When we came back Daniel told me “That SURE was a fun ride, MawMaw.”  I love it.  Children are so easy to please.  Just simple things make them so happy.


Wild strawberries we saw blooming on our ride.


PawPaw, of course, pointed out the deer trials.  It was a very nice day here yesterday, warm with lots of sunshine.  This allowed for lots of outside playing.  They saw the chicks, the new kitties, the baby calves and the goslings.  A full day in little boy world. 

We had a storm pass through last night with thunder,  lightning and lots of rain.  I’m not sure what the day will hold.  Right now it is cloudy and everything is soaked.   Maybe not a good day for hanging clothes on the line.   We’ll see. 


This rosebush came up on its own at the fence line.  It has had a tough time getting started.  The cows keep wanting to eat it.  This year though it is huge and full of buds.  It has never bloomed before so we are excited to see what it looks like.  I hope you all have a great day and God bless.

Am I Cute?


This is one of our new kitties.  You may remember there are 3 of them.  The other two were being shy.   This one the girls call Fuzzy Wuzzy.  I wonder why.  He is so chubby and fuzzy he waddles when he walks.  Very cute.

Today has been a beautiful day here in Floyd.  All week has been really, really nice.  The mornings have been pretty chilly-mid 20’s.  The days however have warmed up nicely with lots of sunshine-low 60’s.  Amazing!  We have hung our clothes outside on the line all week.  How good is that!  Almost mid November and this warm.  I like it.

Today was ladies bible study day.  We finished our study on Ruth.  Our next study will be on Women Who Believed God.  It looks like it will be a very good study.  I always love starting a new study.  I think it is so exciting.  I can hardly wait to see what the Lord will reveal to us.

Lots to do so take care and God bless.

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