A Good Laugh


I thought you all might enjoy a good laugh today.  When I make fried chicken I bread the chicken inside a plastic bag.  I put the flour and stuff in the bag, put the chicken in and shake.  Well, this is what happens if the bag burst.  I would have loved to see the look on my face when it first happened.  I know it was priceless.  Of course, my loving girls had to run and get the camera so they could have proof that this really happened.


It was hilarious.  They had to get Hubby so he could see this beautiful woman he married.  We all laughed so hard.  What else could we do?


My thanks to my sweet Julie who helped her mama clean up this mess.  Enjoy your evening and God bless.

Chocolate Milk

As you all know, we live on a farm.  Part of the cows raised here are milk cows.  To get milk, we simply go down to the barn where the cows are milk.  The milk is stored in a large metal container until the milk truck comes to pick it up.  The container keeps the milk very cold and delicious.  So Saturday,  Daniel and I go down to the barn to get milk.  We wanted to ride the “bumpy truck” but it would not start.  So we had to ride MawMaw’s car-not near as much fun but okay.  We get down to the barn, go to the “spaceship” (metal container that holds the milk) and I get out our milk.  I purposefully leave some in the pitcher I use to fill up my jars.  I take a drink, ask Daniel if he wants a drink.  He looks in the pitcher and says no.  Then he leans over to look at the spout where the milk comes out, looks at me and says “you got any chockit milk in there? 

I thought you all might enjoy a laugh today.  Also another fall picture.


Enjoy your day and God bless.

Black Eyed Susans


I think these are such cheerful flowers.  I like their bright color.  They are among the last of the flowers to bloom in one of my flower gardens.  Fall is definitely in the air here in Floyd.  Cooler temperatures at night.  Upper 50’s lower 60’s.  We even spotted one tree that is starting to change colors.  I love fall!  Many people say summer has long lazy days.  This is usually not true for me.  Fall is more of a slow down time for us.  Most of the canning is done.  We can slow down and enjoy the cooler days.  I love it!  Of course,  I have had to slow down a little earlier than planned this year but I think I have learned a lot from this experience.  What have I learned?  I need to slow down a little, enjoy life more, laugh more, do more things with my girls.  There is much to be said for teaching my girls how to can and take care of the house but also there is much to be said for picnics under oak trees and hikes down favorite trails.  Balance-I think it is all about balance. 

Yesterday the girls and I made homemade vegetable beef soup with homemade rolls.  It is starting to feel like soup weather.  I told the girls the other day, these cooler temperatures makes me want to open up new school books.  Amazing-cooler temps does not have the same effect on them.   We wanted to make chocolate chip cookies yesterday but did not get them done.  I think that will be a project for today.  If we get to make them, I will try to post the recipe we use.  We have some corn that needs to be pulled and worked up so I guess that too will be on the list for today.  My list is not near as long as it was before the back pain.

Enjoy your day and God bless.

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