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Today has been chilly here in Floyd.  Wind gusts of 30-40 mph with temperatures in the mid 20’s.  We let our chickens out every evening so they can scratch and peck.  Well, this evening they just wanted to come up on the back porch and hide from the wind.  We all laughed and said soon they would be wanting to come in the house. 

Other than cold, today has been a nice day.  We started school back today.  After a 3 week break, I thought it would be difficult to get going again but it went well.  We had a nice visit with Jess and the kids yesterday.  David needed to work on his book and so Jess brought the kids up to play at MawMaw’s house for a while.  We were sitting around talking and Daniel looks at me and says “MawMaw, we need to go cook something”.  He dearly loves to help cook so we decided we needed to make chocolate chips cookies. 

Well, I guess that’s about it.  I need to go put more wood on the fire.  Enjoy your evening and God bless.


A Splash of Color


My Christmas cactus is blooming.  I don’t think it has ever bloomed at Christmas but it’s very pretty no matter when it blooms.  I love the bright pink color.  It always makes me feel happy when I look at it.

Temperatures here this morning were mid 20’s with a heavy frost.  It has warmed up already to low 30’s and the sun is shining.  I think it will be a nice day.  We will be doing school as usual, then we have some wood to unload.  We also need to go into town to get some chicken feed.  Thank the Lord, we have once again sold enough eggs to pay for the feed. 

Jess and Katie are doing well and big brothers are adjusting nicely to having a little one in the house.  Katie seems to be (as of right now) a very content little girl.  She sleeps very well at night, 3-4 hrs between bottles.  Amazing!  David will be going back to work on Thursday.  He took a week vacation during Katie’s birth. 

Well, it is almost time for school and I have clothes to hang out.  Enjoy your day and God bless.



Baby Sam LOVES food.  Yesterday, he discovered blackberries.  This boy loves every type of food he has sampled so far.  Brother Daniel, however, is a totally different subject.  Whereas Sam eats and loves everything, to Daniel almost everything is YUCKY.  Jess has to disquise all the fruit he eats.  They eat a lot of “purple snack” (blueberries combined with other fruit and pureed into total smoothness).    He can’t even suspect he is eating fruit.

Today temperature is not near as nice as yesterday.  Wind chills around zero this morning when we go up.  It has warmed up some though-mid 20’s with wind chill around 10 degrees.  Needless to say, I did not hang clothes on the line outside today.  We are doing school as usual, working on history now.   They are learning about Egypt.  Tonight’s menu is undetermined at this time.  I know, though, it will revolve around a deer roast, which is cooking on the wood stove as I type.

Enjoy your day and God bless.

A Nice Surprise


Last night during our fellowship meal, one of the ladies told me she had something for me out in her car.  She had gotten me this beautiful material.  She found it a Wal-Mart.  Our Wal-Mart does not sell material but they had this on clearance, probably from another store.  Each bolt has 5 yards of material on it.   Lots of aprons!   Sometimes God amazes me,  the way He leads us to encourage each other.  I was feeling a little down about messing up the other material and then He surprises me through a generous friend.  God is good.  

Temperatures here have changed drastically from yesterday.  Mid 20’s with lots and lots of cloud coverage.  We are not getting any snow yet but it definitely feels like snow.  

Time for school.  Enjoy your day and God bless.

Am I Cute?


This is one of our new kitties.  You may remember there are 3 of them.  The other two were being shy.   This one the girls call Fuzzy Wuzzy.  I wonder why.  He is so chubby and fuzzy he waddles when he walks.  Very cute.

Today has been a beautiful day here in Floyd.  All week has been really, really nice.  The mornings have been pretty chilly-mid 20’s.  The days however have warmed up nicely with lots of sunshine-low 60’s.  Amazing!  We have hung our clothes outside on the line all week.  How good is that!  Almost mid November and this warm.  I like it.

Today was ladies bible study day.  We finished our study on Ruth.  Our next study will be on Women Who Believed God.  It looks like it will be a very good study.  I always love starting a new study.  I think it is so exciting.  I can hardly wait to see what the Lord will reveal to us.

Lots to do so take care and God bless.



For those of you who do not have the comfort of a wood fire to enjoy, I thought I would share ours.  One of the girls(I’m not sure which one) took this picture.  I thought it looked so warm and cozy.  Today I cooked chicken and dumplings over that wood fire in my cast iron kettle.  YUM!   Very cold temperatures this morning made us really appreciate that wood fire.  The temperature was around 8 degrees with a below zero wind chill.  COLD!!!  Today it warmed up to the mid 20’s and the wind has laid down some but it is still very cold.  Oh well, I quess it’s that time of year.  Today was bible study day here at my home.  One of the ladies brought some wild rice soup to share with everyone.  Thanks, Barbara.  We have about 2 weeks left on our Peter study and then in January we plan to start Beth Moore’s Esther study.  We will be taking a 2 week Christmas  break.  Well I guess I better get some work done.  I am working on a quilt.  I will  try to post a picture when it is finished.  God Bless.