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Chocolate Milk

As you all know, we live on a farm.  Part of the cows raised here are milk cows.  To get milk, we simply go down to the barn where the cows are milk.  The milk is stored in a large metal container until the milk truck comes to pick it up.  The container keeps the milk very cold and delicious.  So Saturday,  Daniel and I go down to the barn to get milk.  We wanted to ride the “bumpy truck” but it would not start.  So we had to ride MawMaw’s car-not near as much fun but okay.  We get down to the barn, go to the “spaceship” (metal container that holds the milk) and I get out our milk.  I purposefully leave some in the pitcher I use to fill up my jars.  I take a drink, ask Daniel if he wants a drink.  He looks in the pitcher and says no.  Then he leans over to look at the spout where the milk comes out, looks at me and says “you got any chockit milk in there? 

I thought you all might enjoy a laugh today.  Also another fall picture.


Enjoy your day and God bless.