Just a Swingin


Sam really loves his swing.  He does not however like his car seat.  He was sooooooo ready to be home Saturday after shopping.  He wanted his swing and some sleep.  Us girls got up early and went blueberry picking.  We picked 2 gallon-1 for us and 1 for Jess.  We came home just before the rain started.  Good timing.  It rained  most of the day there.


Afterward, we all went out to eat at Golden Corral.  Then we went to look around at Lifeway.  I purchased a new bible study.  It is Ruth by Kelly Minter.  I think this will be our next Friday Ladies Study.  It looks very interesting.   I saw so many new studies that I want to do.  We even picked out one for the girls to do for their bible class this coming year.  It was a great day.  We all had lots of fun. 


We are getting some much needed rain today.  Temperatures are cooler too.  74 degrees right now.  I like that.   Did you all notice my drying log on the right.  My darling baby girl, Grace, did that for me.  She told me she watched David put the others on.  I was very impressed with her knowledge as I have no idea how to do any of that.  Thanks Grace.

Church was very nice yesterday.  Our pastor’s sermon was on what it takes to make a man.  It was a very good sermon.  Then we had communion, followed by a fellowship meal.  LOTS o f good food.  Then we had more good food last night with our Sunday Evening Study.  All in all it was a really good day.  I better get busy.  Take care and God bless.

Snow Covered Pond


It is hard to tell where the pond begins and where it ends in this picture.  The snow  covered the ice and it all seemed to blend together..  We did our bible study today.  Yes I know it’s not Friday, however, another storm is scheduled to come in tonight.  Posssibly up to 12 more inches by Saturday night.  I can hardly wait!   We thought if we were going to meet this week we better do it today.  We finished  our study on Peter so next Friday we will begin Beth Moore’s study on Esther. I believe it will be an excellent study.   I always enjoy her studies.  They can get kinda hard sometimes but most things worthwhile  require work.  Well, better get busy.  God Bless.

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