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A Ride Around the Farm


Yesterday evening the girls convinced me we needed to take a ride around the farm.  Grace took pictures for me.  Thank you, Grace.  First we start up the hill.


I almost forgot, first we must get Shadow in the truck bed with the girls.  When he was a young pup, he would run beside the truck.  Now he rides in the truck bed.  He’s too old and too heavy to jump in the truck bed so we back up to this little incline, let the tail gate down and then he can jump in.  He loves it.  As soon as the girls climb in the back of the truck, he starts getting excited. 


See how the fields are starting to get green!


A little stream in the field.


A view from the top of the hill.  These are just a few pictures Grace took.  I will show more later.  We have sunshine today.  We did get some rain last night but I think it has already passed us by.  We plan on getting some more outside work done today.   Maybe even working some more on our surprise.  Enjoy your day and God bless.

A New Collar


Our pup broke his old collar the other day and Hubby decided to make him a new one out of some old leather he had here.  We let the girls stamp his name on his new collar.  He is very proud of it and I must say it definitely looks better than his old one did. 

Today was ladies bible study day.  Our study today was about Elizabeth.  It was a really nice study.    We only have 2 more lessons in this book.  We have decided to do Kelly Minter’s “No Other Gods” next.  I will show you all a picture of the study book soon.

Hubby is gone to a deacons meeting at church tonight and I plan on watching a movie.  A blogger friend of mine had recently watched this movie, “The Lightkeepers”.  I rented it from Netflix and got it in today.  

Enjoy your evening and God bless.

Come Walk With Me


I thought you all might enjoy seeing some of the things I see on my morning walk.  I have been trying to walk every morning now for 2 weeks.  My goal of course is (1) to lose some weight and (2) to lower my blood pressure.  I hope to keep up my walking as long as weather will permit, then I will have to come up with a different workout.  Anyway, this is the route I take.  This picture is at the beginning of the walk.  I walk on what we call the “tractor road” .


I walk past our pond.


A close up of the hill behind the pond.


The first little hill.


The second hill.


A view from top of second hill.


A little color still left.


One of my walking companions.  Okay so most days, he walks about 1/2 of the way then just lays down and waits for me to get back.  I have to keep reminding myself, he is not the young pup he used to be.  However, it is good to know he is close by.  Well, that’s some of the highlights of my walk.  Enjoy your day and God bless.



This lily has had a rough beginning.  In early spring, it was trampled and broken by a big footed pup.  It seems to have survived nicely though.  I have waited all spring to see what it would look like.  I think it looks pretty next to the purple flowers.  I most definitely will have to separate some of these flowers next year.  The bed is extremely crowded.  Yesterday was a busy day.  The girls and I cleaned out both of the big freezers-making room for this year’s harvest.  This took a major portion of the day.  Then I helped Hubby by mowing some before he came in from work.  For supper, I used some of the pork tenderloin I had cooked the day before.  I like to cook a large amount of meat at one time and then use it in different dishes for another meal.  So I put the tenderloin in the oven with some potatoes and roasted them.  We also had corn on the cob from our freezer, biscuits with butter and homemade blackberry jam for dessert.  Today is starting out to be a beautiful day here is Floyd.  Lots of sunshine.  Tomorrow our church is doing a horseshoe tournament down by the river.   We will play horseshoes, eat lots of good food, listen to good music and in general have a great time.  It amazes me some people think Christian life is boring.  We have a blast at my church!  We are small in number but we do lots of things together.  We are family.  I will try to get some pictures to post of our activities.  This is the first year we have done this and we are hoping many will come.  Baby Sam and Mom are still doing good.  Daniel says he loves his baby brother. Thanks so much for your prayers.  I hope to go down to see them soon and get more pictures.  Take care and God bless.





I took these pictures this afternoon after church.  This road connects to our road.  About 3 weeks ago when the first drifts came, they cleared this road.  I was told it took 12 hours to clear it.  I can only imagine how tall the snow was then, if it still looks like this 3 weeks later.  Church today was very good, communion with a fellowship meal, then a business meeting.  I went alone as Julie is still sick.   Hubby volunteered to stay home with them.  I very seldom go anywhere alone, so it felt very strange.  Julie is feeling some better though so I pray she is on the mend.   The young pup Jasper seems to be on the mend too.  Take care and God bless.


I received this picture from Dave and could’nt wait to put it on my blog.  Ain’t he just the cutest thing?  Nothing says  boy more than a baseball cap and a truck.  Temperatures here have warmed up greatly.  Highs in the upper 40’s to low 50’s.  The girls have spent much time outside playing which of course Jasper (the pup) loves.  The forecast however is calling for freezing rain Thursday night and Friday morning.  Oh well, it is just the middle of January.  Grace did find a dandelion in bloom yesterday, just to remind us spring is coming.  Not much longer until we see some flowers in bloom.  We  normally have some early wildflowers that bloom here about the end of  March- blood root, colts foot, and periwinkle.   We get so excited when we see them.  Only about 6 more weeks to go.  In the mountains where I was raised, my Mom always planted lettuce, peas and onions on Valentines day.  Can’t do that here.  We have had frost as late as the end of May.  I guess I better quit dream about spring and garden food and get to work.  God Bless.

Near Disaster


Sometimes I wonder at the intelligence of this pup we have brought here to the farm.  About 2:00 this morning, I hear what I think is the coyotes going through.  This is not uncommon as we have quite a few coyotes here in Floyd.  Then I hear Shadow(old dog) barking like crazy.  Still not uncommon as he does not allow the coyotes to come to close to the house.  After this my sleep induced brain makes out another sound.  Jasper (young dog) in great distress.  I open the upstairs window but cannot see him, however, his distress is getting louder.  Hubby gets up and we quickly run outside to see what is going on.  Jasper has somehow managed to get in the pond.  However, he cannot get out because of the ice.  He is whimpering so loud and struggling to get out of the water with his front paws, however they can’t get any traction on the ice.  We have no idea how long this had been going on before we were awakened but he seemed to be pretty tired and definitely very scared.  I run back up to the house and get a long pole.  George uses it to break the ice on the edge but it was frozen so thick he couldn’t do much good.  Finally he has some success.  He takes the pole and pushes Jasper down the edge of the ice until  he gets to the closest place to the ground.  The pup is still struggling to get out but can’t.  I lay down flat on the ice and stretch forward and manage to grasp a front paw and pull him out.  He was extremely grateful and extremely cold.  We brought him into the house and dried him off as best we could.  As a special reward for all his hard work (and ours) he stayed in the house the remainder of the night to warm up.  I think he liked that part.  Here is another picture showing more details.Jasper

This entire adventure took about 1 hour.  We are very thankful for the warmer temperature last night.  This would have been terrible with below zero temps.  We are also thankful Jasper seems okay, as we have all come to love him.  Well, that was our night.  God Bless.