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A Splash of Color


My Christmas cactus is blooming.  I don’t think it has ever bloomed at Christmas but it’s very pretty no matter when it blooms.  I love the bright pink color.  It always makes me feel happy when I look at it.

Temperatures here this morning were mid 20’s with a heavy frost.  It has warmed up already to low 30’s and the sun is shining.  I think it will be a nice day.  We will be doing school as usual, then we have some wood to unload.  We also need to go into town to get some chicken feed.  Thank the Lord, we have once again sold enough eggs to pay for the feed. 

Jess and Katie are doing well and big brothers are adjusting nicely to having a little one in the house.  Katie seems to be (as of right now) a very content little girl.  She sleeps very well at night, 3-4 hrs between bottles.  Amazing!  David will be going back to work on Thursday.  He took a week vacation during Katie’s birth. 

Well, it is almost time for school and I have clothes to hang out.  Enjoy your day and God bless.



I thought we might all enjoy some flowers.  There are not many left as fall is quickly approaching. 


I thought sure these marigolds were not going to come up this year.  They were really late coming up but I think  just in time for the fall show.  They look very pretty beside my front porch.


All the flowers in this bed had already bloomed and gone to seed when SURPRISE these late bloomers just popped out beautifully.  They give such a splash of color to the yard. 

Enjoy your day and God bless.