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My Sticky Buns


Well, what do you all think?  Not to be bragging,  but they look pretty good, huh.  Okay so maybe I am bragging a little!  They did turn out pretty good though and they tasted good too.  The good news is we finally have water in our bathroom.   On Wednesday, our temperatures got above freezing, finally.  I’m not completely sure but I think we have not been above freezing since Dec. 18 when the snow came.  Actually there were many days were didn’t get out of the single digits.  I know you all have heard this before, but I really don’t like cold weather.  Anyway, yesterday, we got in the lower 40’s.  The girls thought it was spring time.  On Wednesday we went to visit our friends, the Horn’s.  We returned to find no water pressure in the house, which of course indicates a problem.  Usually this means a water leak somewhere.  After much checking, we discover a busted water line in the little house building (where my wringer washer is).  The line had frozen and when it thawed the old pipe just couldn’t take the pressure.  This required much quick thinking on part of Hubby, as water is gushing out of the pipe.  Thank God for hubbies!  He quickly fixed this problem and before the night was out our bathroom thawed  also.  Thankfully, no leaks.  School today as usual.  We are not meeting for our Friday Ladies Class.  One of our ladies is gone on a trip and the other one has car trouble.  Hopefully next week all will fall back in place.  I really miss when we don’t get to meet.  These ladies are like family to me.  Well, I better get to work.  Oh, I wanted to let you all know, it is 9:00 A.M. and the temperature is already 30 degrees.  WOW!  God Bless.

Ice Skating



I know I’m going from one extreme to the next with my pictures, but I thought you all might enjoy a view from my front window.  It’s actually quite pretty( if you like the look of ice).  I am getting a little tired of looking at it though.  We’re hoping for a warm up soon, especially concerning the bathroom water lines.  I don’t think I mentioned yesterday but our potatoes also froze in the canning building.  Ok, enough “woe is me” stuff.  Life is still good and God is still in control.  Today is the start of a new week.  School as usual.  I am thinking of making another batch of cinnamon rolls as the first ones seemed to go pretty good.  Sometimes, making desserts here is a waste of time and money as we do not eat a lot of sweets.  I think this time I will try the sticky bun recipe.  I have read a lot about sticky buns in Amish books and think I would like to try them.  Well time for school.  Take care and God Bless.