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Come Walk With Me


I thought you all might enjoy seeing some of the things I see on my morning walk.  I have been trying to walk every morning now for 2 weeks.  My goal of course is (1) to lose some weight and (2) to lower my blood pressure.  I hope to keep up my walking as long as weather will permit, then I will have to come up with a different workout.  Anyway, this is the route I take.  This picture is at the beginning of the walk.  I walk on what we call the “tractor road” .


I walk past our pond.


A close up of the hill behind the pond.


The first little hill.


The second hill.


A view from top of second hill.


A little color still left.


One of my walking companions.  Okay so most days, he walks about 1/2 of the way then just lays down and waits for me to get back.  I have to keep reminding myself, he is not the young pup he used to be.  However, it is good to know he is close by.  Well, that’s some of the highlights of my walk.  Enjoy your day and God bless.

P.E. Class




Every day the weather permits the girls try to take Jasper on a walk.  They want to teach him how to walk on a lease.  They call this their P.E. class.  They walk to the top of the hill on the tractor road.   As you can tell, the kitten goes too.  Sometimes, however, Dad has a real P.E. class for them.  Anyone who has ever moved much wood knows what a workout that can be.  It was a beautiful day for working outside.  A litte windy, as usual, but warm with lots of sunshine.  The last two days, however, have not been so nice.  Lots of fog and wet.  Oh well.  The girls were probably glad for the fog.  The splitter was loaned to us from a friend at church.  We are very thankful for the use of it.  Splitting wood by hand, I think, is a young man job.  The older we get the harder it is to do.  So thanks again, Dale.  We appreciate it.   Hubby is gone today with other church members to shoot some clays.  The place, I think, is called Primland and that’s about all I know.  They go there quite often.  George has been looking forward to going with them for quite some time.  They seem to always have lots of fun.  Tonight is our Halloween Alternative at church.  We call it Christfest.  Lots of fun.  Dress Up-kids and adults.  Lots of games and candy.  I will try to get some pictures to post so you all can see what fun it really is.  I pray everyone enjoys the children tonight and that everyone will be safe.  In my Daily Bread devotional today, it talks about children tonight filling their bags with candy and then it asks “What are we filling our vessels with?”  Think about it tonight every time you drop candy in a child’s bag.  If we are not filled with the Holy Spirit, we leave room for other things to fill us.  End of sermon.  God Bless.