Gate For Deck

Dave and I worked on making this gate for their deck over the weekend. They have a beautiful big deck to enjoy. However, they needed a way to keep John Luke in and Nana out, so we made this gate. It is a huge gate. 12 ft. long and probably weighs 300 pound. We put it on wheels and it rolls into pockets so it is easy to open and close. We think George would be proud of us.

On Saturday, Grace and I went to another con. It was bigger than the other one we went to and lots more people were in costume.

We also did another hike with the Horns. We hiked a small trail at Smartview Park.

It was a really nice hike.

Grace and I worked in the upper garden.

It has rained every day since so it is already full of weeds again. Oh well, we need the rain.

Just a few pretty pictures.

The first rose bloom on the rose bush.

Julie always got so excited when the first bloom came on. There are no words to say how much we miss her. Hard stuff but I know God will see us through.

That’s all for now. God bless.

Strawberries and Much More

Hello everyone. Today was a fun day. Grace and I took the the kiddos strawberry picking.

Here we are getting ready to leave this morning.

Here they are about half way to the berry patch. Yes, they are all asleep.

My mother’s day gift from Grace. I think she did a great job. These are two of my favorite birds and I love pink dogwood trees.

We also took a hike with the Horns this week. Another one of those hard firsts.

It was a beautiful hike and just a few minutes from our house.

So pretty. We walked beside the river for quite a bit.

We all wore our tie dyed shirts.

Something new I did this week was dehydrate green onions. It was very easy to do. I have tried them in omelettes already and definitely want to dry more.

Grace and the kids gathered violet petals the other day and we made violet jelly from them. We have tasted it and it is very good. And SO pretty in the jar.

We had a double rainbow the other evening . I love rainbows.

I guess that’s about all for now. I am making some strawberry jam from the berries we picked today. God bless.

Garden Update and More

Just a little update on our garden so far. Not a lot going on yet but soon everything will be in full swing.

We have been enjoying kale, green onions and asparagus so far. They make a very tasty omelette especially with our farm fresh eggs.

Grace found these peppers the other day at one of our local greenhouses. They are the fooled you jalapeno. I like jalapeno peppers but not so much heat. I think these will be great for us.

Grace and I spent some time with the kiddos the other day while Jess was helping Dave’s mom with some errands. It was a fun day. Grace did an art lesson with them. They played Candyland. Then we spent some time outside.

I got this rare picture of John Luke. He is sitting still. That doesn’t happen very often.

Grace had an eye appointment. These are her new frames. I think they look really good on her.

We spend last Sunday with the Horns making these tie dyed shirts.

It was a lot of fun. We are planning on doing a hike soon and all of us wearing our shirts. Fun stuff.

Grace and I also went to a comic convention. My first one. It was something Grace and Julie always did together. It was a hard first for us but then all the firsts without her are hard. We did have a good time though.

Grace’s mama duck has hatched one baby. We think that will be all that hatches. It is SO cute. We are waiting a few days and if no others hatch we will move mama and baby to a new coop. The male duck is very mean.

The ladies are enjoying their first taste of freedom. We are in process of training them to go back in their lot at night. I let them out for a little while at a time until they are trained.

That’s about all for now. God bless.

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