Strawberries and Much More

Hello everyone. Today was a fun day. Grace and I took the the kiddos strawberry picking.

Here we are getting ready to leave this morning.

Here they are about half way to the berry patch. Yes, they are all asleep.

My mother’s day gift from Grace. I think she did a great job. These are two of my favorite birds and I love pink dogwood trees.

We also took a hike with the Horns this week. Another one of those hard firsts.

It was a beautiful hike and just a few minutes from our house.

So pretty. We walked beside the river for quite a bit.

We all wore our tie dyed shirts.

Something new I did this week was dehydrate green onions. It was very easy to do. I have tried them in omelettes already and definitely want to dry more.

Grace and the kids gathered violet petals the other day and we made violet jelly from them. We have tasted it and it is very good. And SO pretty in the jar.

We had a double rainbow the other evening . I love rainbows.

I guess that’s about all for now. I am making some strawberry jam from the berries we picked today. God bless.

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