Our squash is producing really well this year. I shredded some yesterday and put in the freezer for zucchini bread later on. I also chopped up some really fine and froze in one cup portions for soup.

This method, however, is the one I am most excited about. I breaded and individually froze three trays for frying. This is our favorite way to eat squash. I wasn’t sure how it would be so I fried some yesterday evening for supper after it had been in the freezer about 3 hours. It was delicious! To be honest, we couldn’t tell any difference in it and fresh squash.

I got one gallon bag yesterday. We definitely want to do more!

Just look at all the blooms on this squash. If all goes well, we will have lots more to do.

God bless.


Hello everyone! I hope you have all been enjoying these warm summer days. We have been having beautiful weather here in Floyd. It is pretty dry, some rain would be nice but that is usually how summers go.We are enjoying our harvests from the garden. Starting to get some squash and cucumbers. Yum!Look at this cute baby watermelon. Maybe we will actually have watermelon this year.These are called lemon squash. I attempted to grow them last but wasn’t successful. The squash bugs destroyed them. I have been able to stay more on top of the bugs this year so hopefully they will do better.The blueberries are slowly ripening. They are about 3 weeks later than last year.Jess and her family came over Saturday for a socially distant cook out. Just look at how big John Luke is.The geese were at the pond the other morning. Seems a little early for them to start coming in but lots of things are a little off this year. All in God’s plan.Enjoy your day and God bless.

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